6 comments on “Most Americans back military response to North Korea, poll shows

      • This is an interesting song. it seems to tap into, and show, the feelings and emotions, of feeling loneliness, and its noise gets more and more deafening , the further we get into these End Times. I’m not unattractive, But for intersecting and complex reasons I ncluding being picky and including avoiding casual sex. I m 43 and have never had a deep reciprocal replationship where ive desired her and shes desired me back the same.
        I’m hoping this wonderfulness will still happen. I’m hoping its not too late.
        I’m hoping theres an good amazing Golden Age for all of us coming and happening, a shift. And the annunaki or deep stateor whoever the hell they are. Satanic eliites. Are putting fear end times programming into us, when actually
        As I explained to my friend Speculator 247 here https://talesfromtheloublog.wordpress.com/2017/09/16/fearful-californians-prepare-for-a-nuclear-attack-a-lot-of-people-will-be-killed/comment-page-1/#comment-12648

        Our subconsios minds are the supremely powerful thing. And this is the big secret And th elites whoever they are. Have been maipuilating us with this quantum physics Manifestational secret.

        And I think this is why in the last….20 pus years. Sky BBC CNN RT all the 24 hr news channels have stepped up many gears to intelnsely programme us, plus the vaccines plus the GMP foods plus the Smartmeter attempts.

        My point is. There comes a point where you’ve been out and about all day, working, doing what needs to be done. And plus, thinking and assimilating, and trying to help not only ourselves, but the trerrible enslavement humanity is in.

        And after all that, terrible loneliness can set in , late at night, and you start thinking of somone you’ve liked and really want, or maybe someone you’ve never even met yet. But the underlying feeling is loneliness
        I think its very very important. We resist End Times fear programming since quantum physics seems to say our subconsions minds manufacture the reality around us.

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    • The fact its RT reporting it who might have the appearance of being on our side but aren’t, they give a different tempting angle that lead sheep t a different area of the field. RT exposes itself often, with its glaring BS lies. MMGW stuff for one. I wont go on but hope you get the point.
      I don’t even think RT is the official state organ of Russia, I think it could be privately owned Jewish Oligarchy.
      What is actual, real Russia and Russian Governemt? There seems so much infiltration, and double and triple bluffs, who knows whos who and what agendas are in play. The real ‘Russian Government’ plus its FSB I think is not one monolithic entity. But instead, a patchwprl tapestry of interlocking factions in a very confusing, byzantine way. I’m hoping there are real forces of good operating, for our benefit. BTW I’m sorry for going on and on and on to you,
      discussing silly things like painting walls and drinking peronis. I do find it amusing to contrast mundane things such as painting walls and skirting boards with topics such as Nibriru in the next sentence. That serves to show the absurdity of our current existence.

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    • Hi ive been speculating over the last 24 hours.
      A quick random thought, that I think might have somehow, some significance, and importance. In understanding this breed apart group on Earth calling themselves Jews, who seem very messed up people (is putting it politely and mildly)
      and linking it in to ….DNA engineering Anunaki. things that have gone on in the past.

      Except I cant connect the dots, but I sense some relationship somewhere

      – Max Spiers said on an interview, pigs were actually an engineered hybrid of wild boars and HUMANS.
      – We have to wonder what relevance does this have, to the strict kosher laws avoiding pork?  Is it only because pigs carry more parasites like ive read and it was for safety?
      – Or is it because the ‘Jews’ whoever they are. Talmud texts had Annunaki origins and Knew about this and the bad effects of eating pigs ?
      – I was startled to read somewhere, how theres such a strong relationship between pork consumption, and Multiple Sclerosis. Its very powerful causal relationship.   . And eating pork too creates liver damage, more so than alcohol does. Fatty liver disease. Therefore pork is causing autoimmune reactions in the body  Might Max Spiers have been right?
      – Can we glean anything from this, into the bigger picture?
      – Max Spiers said he had ‘problems’ with Zecharia SItchins Annunaki tales, and thought theres some disinfo there
      – I feel this too, ill mention why another time. But I think the bigger picture could be better news for us all than I realised.

      – Ive not  forgotton your interesting train of thought about Joe the train driver, which ill reply to. Which made me think of stuff Aug Tellez has said
      – I have things to say too about the Citizens Hearings and Free Energy and Paul Hellyer. Another time.

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