3 comments on “Fearful Californians Prepare For A Nuclear Attack: “A Lot Of People Will Be Killed”

  1. They want a lot of people to put their minds on this idea because the more attention and fear on it, the more likely it will be to manifest as they want. I’m not going to put my attention on it.

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    • Yes I agree with this. Because, even though for a long time, I paid no attention to any law of attraction type stuff. Ive realised in the last possibly 8 monhts how true and real physics, of our reality it is.
      Someone at Aim4Truth told me, to think of things, situations, I or anybody might want, in the present tense. She said this was very important to think in the present tense and feel its here now, especially if emotion is attached to it. Therefore passionate belief seems to be vital in Manifestational physics.

      I read somewhere that (not that I’m interestd in doing it), but the practice of magick, putting a pentagram on the floor, doing certain summomings, visualisations, sigils etc. None of it works if the person doesn’t truly believe. Which is interesting actually because, for the scientists out there seeking objective ‘proof’ on things. It seems the belief element, is connecting our consciousness into the etheric ‘grid’ so to speak.

      Then quite recently too, Aim4Truth has come out with quite a few youtubes about manifestation, making a list of things, law of attraction, vibration frequency. Thinking of the subconscious mind as a garden and whatever ‘seeds’ get planted, mental seeds. Grow in the garden and manifest which is our reality. Which is very very bizarre isn’t it? To think our subconscious minds are so powerful they seem to bend and remodel ether and subquantum and then pjysical matter, all emanating bubbling up from the subconscious mind.
      We have to wonder therefore, do occult secret societies, good and bad, who might know these physics reality tricks. Might all meet and focus intensely together on exactly the same outcome to manifest the reality that they desire.

      I wouldn’t say all my dreams/manifestational list has come true yet. But I definitely definitely have noticed, some strange coincidences, that are way beyond accidental. Supportive things. And I have to wonder, if theres some intelligent force at work that’s ‘got my back’? Helping nme along. Or its simply my subconscious mind Manifesting as I go.

      Heres an interesting question S247: does this mean we should just shut off all inputs to our subconscious minds, of all the bad things in this world, such as industrial paedocrime, free energy suppression, cloning, corruption and evil etc? Does that mean we should stop being Truthseekers and simply Manifest what we want if we isolate and truly cleanse our Subconscious Minds?

      My theory is…..its a nice idea but the Sunconscious Mind manifestation power of millions and millions of others, would override this. Even though our SCM might have more power over our micro lives.
      I think for the law of attraction to really get into gear, an exponential tipping point must be reached to start seeing worldwide remodelling of our reality. Which I think is underway with the help of blogs like this and Truthseekers connecting

      Forging towards the 100th monkey effect.

      But I agree, not to give any mental energy to California fear porn. Or Nibiru 23rd September disaster either

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