5 comments on “Cancer Survivor Says CBD Oil ‘Saved Her Life’ After Doctors Said She Had 6 Months To Live

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    Ask anyone who knows me just how against drugs of any sort I am..Truly…I watched sacred plant and also saw first hand how a friend cured themselves of cancer…That started my belief in alternatives…This is another story of what I have witnessed myself….An amazing story which I urge you to read and do your own research 🙂


    • Hi, I agree, its a mistake to turn away and ignore, the pain relief, tumour cancer reducing eliminating. Immune system modulating effects. And loads of interesting positive effects on a range of modern lifestyle illnesses too. CBD oil, preferably from home grown cannabis buds from heirloom seeds with no Glyphosate or any other nasty things used on them, and no GMO genes.

      I can see that cannabis, whether high CBD low THC oil. Or even 50/50 because THC too has beneficial health effects too, ive read somewhere. Of course, if we are able to access, heirloom, naturally cultivated cannabis, buds or flowers or whatever it is the magic gets extracted from. Id like to think its Natures Gift, and gives a natural pattern spectrum of phytochemicals , that complement our bodies well.

      So why am I not rushing out to my local health store, buying CBD oil?

      Because, of
      – CNNs Sanjay Gupta was it back in 2014 or earlier, did some big positive programme about medical cannabis. CNN Deep State red flag.
      – Rockefeller visitied Uruguays president according to Henry Makow, one of the hot topics for discussion was cannabis so I gather. Why is an evil (was? Is he dead? Reincarnated into another via ritual at 101? Or have the Deep State used advanced secret project Nikola Tesla consciousness transfer technology on him?)
      – Rockefeller and the rest have been very evil. Suppressing cancer truths and natural cures. WHilst loved ones have died from cancer with untold agony and heartbreak. WHilst these evil bastards have suppressed truths from the public. Yet we should trust the new medical marijuana movement that Rockefeller and Soros seems to be part of? Is it just profit theyre interested in? I don’t think so.

      -Therfoe should we be cautious about possible agendas with medical marijuana being more mainstream now?
      – I have read a fw things and sensed, the ‘grassroots’, upswelling medical cannabis movement. Might have deep state backing by people such as SOros, behind it.

      Don’t get me wrong, I WANT to trust marijuana. And hopefully have it in my arsenal should I ever need to help loved ones. But why do I feel a niggling feeling of unease about things?
      Might it be, the cabal are covertly GMO breeding strains of cannabis and flooding the wold market with it, and it might have effects we are unaware of?
      – Such as making consumers more vulnerable to demonic possession or attack?
      – Might secret GMO cannabis CBD oil deliver a sugar pill of symptom relief, but might have things that work in tandem and synergy, with Smartmeters for example?
      – Nanites or toxic metals, or othr nasty things.

      My point is, I cant help looking for other natural alternative strategies, because I’m suspicious of cabal (Luciferian Bill Gates even? ) messing with cannabis.

      One last point.
      – It doesn’t feel right to me, that some say, we have is it CBD or THC or canabidiol or whatever, Receptors all ovr our body , specifically for cannabis.

      – This feels wrong to me. Surely the receptors for enzymes or whatever, simply are very similar and match quite well, cannabis. But I really don’t feel its correct, what many say. That our bodies are physiologically designed, to coexist with cannabis, with our4 receptors.

      – Why not in that case a carrot receptor, or a green tea receptor? Or a blueberry pronathocyanidin receptor?

      Don’t get me wrong. I do hold out hope, just like any other vegetable or plant, non GMO, heirloom seed, cannabis bud paste, if I cold find on the internet if loved ones need it. Id love to buy it. Hopefully this quality product exists.

      One last thing. In our chemtrailed world today. I have read that obtaining cannabis oil from Hemp, perhaps isn’t such a good idea. Because hemps a natural bioaccumulator, and can clean and suck up toxic metals and maybe even radioactive particles from the soil. SO if I was going to buy organic cannabis paste resin in a syringe. Id want to make sure it wasn’t hemp based.

      I might be wrong but hemp and cannabis buds flowers are different things.

      Best wishes

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