2 comments on “US Senate votes against amendment to stop endless war

    • Sorry for off topic but this is burning inside and all roads lead to Rome and we can extract powerful truths that feed into the bigger picture.

      My 4 year old nephew needs educating, showing, spelling out, the lack of earths curvature. He will make mincemeat of Government propaganda agents at school when they try and force the spherical 6 mile horizon curvature down his throat .

      Of course, if earth isn’t a spherical ball but instead a system realm/dimension. This invites powerful questions in our minds about who and what we are. Other dimensional planes. Interdimensional multidimensional spiritual phenomena. And Government would rapidly lose power, influence, control over the masses if lack of earths curvature becomes widely known. NASA have lied about many things including ‘space travel’ .

      I think the only possible travel ‘ up there’ out into ‘space’ . That the free energy physics Nikola Tesla secret space programmes use. Any travel is Transdimensional Interdimensional travel, between dimensions.

      Therefore a very burning highly intriguing exciting question remains. What will happen, what will I discover, if the 1958 off limits Antarctica militarisation Treaty didn’t exist. And I could arrive at our outer perimeter Antarctic ice wall ring. And just keep going in pursuit of the ‘South Pole’ . Very mindblowing thought, not for this text, goodnight xxx

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