2 comments on “Jim Carrey on Celebrities and Icons (It’s all bullshit) (2 min)

    • Hi. As I try and make sense of all the swirling energies and feelings and emotions and insights and impulses , surging through my brain from up above, and around me in this room. That strike me at various moments of the day or night. Either when out and about working and interacting and covertly doing my spiritual warrior role inserting truths into peoples minds subtly shaking waking them up, via what appears to be casual chitchat. But I’m driven by a much more Divine Mission. I also take great pleasure on my travels, when I stumble on someone genuinely down or in need, I try and lift them however I can. I think this is a reflection of how soldiers, in the spiritual war, in this system with no curvature, plane, should operate.

      WHats my point. Its that, call me a kooky conspiracy theorist if you want. But my inner 6yh, 7th and 8th senses. Tell me Jim Carrey isn’t acting alone Hes being backed supported and encouraged by certain people or forces who9 have ‘ got his back’.

      Why do I say this?
      Look at his films: Truman Show (CLASSIC FILM and who is the director? Weir? Is he some kind of white hat insider the writer too?)
      Memories of the Spotless Mind. Is apparently disclosure showing what technologies the secret projects have.
      Nurse Betty fantastic hilarious film I love. I could quote lines to you from it all day. It has no conspiracy relevance though, to my knowledge
      Other important Carrey films I cant think of at this moment.

      My point to you is. I feel this is apart of a ‘wave;’, or ‘movement’, and is intentional and orchestrated.
      And yes bad people will be seeking to counteract this.
      Carreys beautiful Irish former girlfriend is an example of bad people up to no good. I have some fret Nurse Betty lines to quote to you, or youtubes to share, but wont right now

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