19 comments on “Smart Meters: A Mass Action of Liability

    • I can see things on the internet about Class Actions, and a 2016 60 day notices served on a variety of people, violators and deliquents htt p://ww w.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents/LASG%2060-Day%20Notice%20-%20web%20version.pdf Including Carter Defence Secretary. Not sure how that’s gone

      But I don’t think this Notice of Liability above is the same though as this ht tp://ww w.stillnessinthestorm.com/2016/08/Lawsuit-Against-Chemtrails-Filed-Anti-Geoengineering-Legal-Alliance-Files-US-60-Day-Notice-Of-Legal-Action.html unfortunately I’m not a lawyer

      But this 1997 legislation looks like something that maybe could be attacked

      US Law Allowing ‘Chemtrailing’ passed in 1997 | PUBLIC LAW 105—85—NOV. 18, 1997: Use of Human Subjects for Testing of Chemical and Biological Agents http://www.stillnessinthestorm.com/2015/01/us-law-allowing-chemtrailing-passed-in.html

      However the invoking Corpoerate Jurisdiction, and Invocation of personal Liability being done with smartmeters, I’m hoping this same method could be done on the 1997 lawmakers, plus top UK and US and Canad and Australian Air Force officials. and many others. Invoke personal liability on nthe lot of them. NASA executives too.

      It might be as simple as because we didn’t officially legally via contract say ‘No’. This was taken a s a tacit yes to chemtrails. I cant find anything solid yet on Invoking Liability and CJ being done on chemtrails.
      I hope Dr Mercola picks the ball up and writes about that too.
      I cant rememeber Mercola ever explicitly talking about chemtrails, I could be wrong.

      He and his wife must have protection now Erin Elisabeth has spoken how shes being targeted with frequency weaponry, I hope they stay safe

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  1. This whole idea of tacit agreement is illegitimate in my view. If they can’t be bothered to ask all potentially affected individuals for a specific answer and wait until they receive it, then this type of thing should not be allowed. No laws of any type should be created without the informed consent of all potentially affected individuals. I don’t know about Canada, but in the U.S. we have NO representatives looking out for the interests of the people — only a few phonies who pretend to care while the majority don’t even bother pretending anymore.

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    • Agreed. Its a damned affront and disgrace and I reject it completely, and speak from my spiritual core outwards, I do not consent. I never consented to sly set ups by not saying No. It means Yes. Ridiculous.

      Just like I was never asked and never gave consent, about the ‘multiculturalism’ slyed in agenda in England and Europe and poor gernamny and Sweden and france. Suddenly I looked around at all these Africans and east Europeans, and I began wakening befoe I even took the red pill in may 2013. Did Tony Blair even ask our permission, or ask at all? Noone asked. I reject the Jewess Barbara lerner Spectre plan for race mixing in Europe and the Frankfurt Marxist Koudenhove Kalergi Plan. I DO NOT GIVE CONSENT AND NEVER DID

      However. theres an important issue for us to hammer hard Speculator and its this.

      Youre right in what you say, without totally informed consent everything is null and void.
      Just like the Babylon Federal Reserve International Jewry money magic, the , by design, the PARASITES THAT THEY ARE, the intention of private central banks is to drag hardworking decent loving people like you and I, and communities and whole societies and economines. Down the drain in an intentional downward spiral of Rothschild debt enslavement.
      Its never the plan that our nations Speculator will ever pay off the ‘National Debt’.

      Therefore. All the UK National Debt which now equals UK GDP ( I reject totally economics btw, because its all bullshit. Its all a fabrication. Because it denies Nikola Tesla physcs and free energy but I digress sorry) Plus your USA Corporation 20 Trillion debt.

      Is ridiculous and null and void because the whole thing was illegal in the first place put in place by criminals. End of story. So I reject tacit agreement bullsit too

      However speculator putting my Adam pragmatist hat on. I cant fail to notice, that evil and sly as the cabal are. They have carefully constructed this legal system round us. Whether its Admitalty Law Law of th Sea, whatever. I’m no expert.

      But I suspect all the ridiculous detail in the legal system, is designed to evade, cleverly, aside from Natural Law Universal Law. the 4 Barrister Inner Temples in London, will be very geared to all this. Spiritual Law, and evading it, demonic evasion to trick humanity taxpayers, to tacitly agree.

      So while I seriously align and quantum entangle with your feelings deep inmy heart, about tacit agreement Speculator. I sense there might be more going on to the story.

      My point is therefore. On the very real matters on Smartmeters, mandatory vaccines like youre experiencing there in America, or chemtrails tha are effecting all of us. My feeling is S247 , we must fight fire with fire because ‘law’, ‘contract’, ‘consent’, ‘liability’ ‘corporations’, ‘Canon Law’ whaterver TF that is, but apparently evil pope Bnedict and HM the queen had high level meetings back in 2010 approx. to discuss, rewriting canaon law and its relationship with the CofE.
      Ive no idea what was going on. But I do sense its relevant to what ive gone on about above.

      So my point is. Whatevers gone on in our past, past few thousand years. I think and hope we can all come to agreement, an evil interdimsneional presence has come to our reality, and enslaved us. And this was the origins of the Talmud, Jewish, rabbis circumcising the baby in the synangogue where he sucks the babys penis to ‘ stop the bleeding’. I think we all know the underlying things going on here.

      Evil has been upon us. and were about to be freed of it. and this is the fear based end times programming.

      Ive digressed terribly but my point to you is. I agree wholeheartedly how tacit agreement is total crap.

      But there are spiritual laws these evil quarantine multidimensional soul recycling forced reincanation back into this earth realm, Evildoers, have enforced and slyly sidestepped so God doesn’t rain down on them violating our ‘FREE WILL’.

      Therefore we must fight fire with fire so lets not throw the baby out with the bathwater with regards throwing their legal tricks back at them , wit the help of Dr Mercola 🙂

      to end BTW. I checked out your energy vibration from your name on the numerology thing. But you came back Green. There was no numbers 247 to factor in. So I got confused, since your name wouldn’t compute. ut leaving 247 aside, youre Green.


      • I can’t really argue with a thing you’ve said, except that instead of fighting (except when absolutely necessary) I’d rather make them irrelevant. I’d love to see them slide into oblivion, so to speak, so that nobody listens to them anymore and we just do what’s right regardless — and things just keep getting better and better for the rest of us.

        Thanks for the numerology thing. I like green. Green is good.

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    • Theres a few physics, spiritual and conspiracy topics I felt tempted tp pass onto you. Including hoping tha Kim Carrey isn’t going to be suicide I sense hes a well meaning kind soul and ill be sad if this happens to him, hope hes protected. However I don’t feel like sending any of these. I push aside irritations from close family members that push me down into depression too. I want to be free of them and their energetic crap. Much as I love them

      Changing subjext S247. ive not too long ago discovered the great talent, that’s the 1980s band New Order. if you ever get time, I recommend you take a look, a great intelligent band making some interesting songs. New Order do some great sonds you must youtube

      This is a nice tune. it captures well beautiful simple yet profound love. I hope to have this profound explosive simple humble lifechanging wonderfulness from someone, hopefully before 2017 ends, If I get my finger out.

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      • I will listen to this and reply. I’m just so into this Wes Penre stuff right now. As soon as I get a break, I’ll check this out. Thanks.

        I just wanted to say that I think the key is to love yourself and the creator and creation through yourself — meaning the real creator, not the “Anunnaki.” It certainly is a lot easier when you’re not surrounded by people who distract you and make you feel less connected. As long as you have a place where you can go for quiet and peace, maybe you can do that. I hope so. (P.S., you should check your blog for new subscribers.)

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      • I like the video and song. It’s very sweet, innocent and pure. I remember hearing of this group, but couldn’t remember their music. It’s not what I expected but I like it.

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    • Hi !
      Ive never heard of Wes Penre before today. I’m on his battleofearth website now! Already ot has an energy of…this is a genuine guy and I’m sensing some major puzzle pieces here. He writes about things that are right up my street. So I’m going to put Enki and Enlil lower down my priority reading slightly, and focus in on this. Thanks for bringing wes penre to my attention 🙂

      Having been on the go working all day, I don’t get the chance to sit and study and read through all id like. If I could id read and study 247, with breaks for mealtimes etc. Plus , even though theres been a slight hiatus with momentum lost. Its building back up again setting up Interdimensional Free Energy Plasma Technologies Ltd. with its own website coming soon. For Paul Pantones GEET technology. So my minds on that too.

      For what my faint whispers, 6th sense is worth Speculator, I do sense Molly was right with her advice to me about Aug Tellez, likeable as he is. Loads of interesting complex great info that gets a bit too heavy at times. From this secret project whistleblower with clearance and backing to release stuff. nevertheless something feels ‘off’.

      Though I suspect his blogs still a valuable resource. But ultimately I sense Molly and her advice hes feeding us invalid timelines, since Augs admitted he gets his info from ‘AI’. And he got defensive and touchy when challenged on this. Something is up.

      My point here is, my intial sense is I don’t sense thei with Wes Penre. And ill be cross checking referencing stuff he says with Aug Tellez. I definitely feel we are getting warmer.

      And today I have had a few interesting realisations of my own ill share another time.

      Thankyou for your kind advice. Yes ive developed an ability now, to create a ‘sacred space’ , though I forget to do this at time and its good to remember to make the effort again. I noticed today Laura Walkers earth true Alignments ‘coming out of a negative mind loop’. I certainly feel this is the case, as ive certainly been in one. In fact I think the August 21st eclipse energies played some part.

      I am not even sure how to check on my blog, whos subscribed. SInce I got no notifications I assumed no one has. Ill go and see how I can find out 🙂

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      • That seems odd. I would think you’d get some type of notification. I hope I subscribed to the right blog! Oh well, your mood seems lighter and I’m glad you’re enjoying the Wes Penre stuff.


    • Hello. I just want to say it is so nice to be talking and connecting with you, just like it is with Sha Tara and others , and to be part of and welcomed on this nice blog Lou has created. Which is more than nice, its a truthbusting Force for Good. its a Feedburner issue, I didn’t even know what Feedburner is. But now I see it. My blog is https://interdimensionalwarrior.blogspot.co.uk/ and thankyou very much for subscribing.
      If you can, and are using a big screen. Zoom out to 75 or 50% so you can see the blue beautiful underocean image, which I think is beautiful

      My mind could go off in various interesting ways, with things id like to share and chat about, but to stick to the point and issue in hand. This weekend I can tell is going to be Wes Penre weekend.

      Ill tell you Speculator how my mind works. I’m not lazy. But it might be a reflection of how, I might be a balance of left brain right brain working in tandem. Or might be perhaps right brain dominance I don’t know. But from what I gather.

      Hive minded people who are vaccinated to the hilt eating their GMO corn on the cob eating their processed foods with corrnflour in them and sprayting Roundup on their gardens and drinking Roundup rich lagers at night. And using fluoride toothpaste etc etc.

      My point is More right brained people think in ‘parallel’. Hive minded purely LHS brain automatons, think in ‘series’.

      Therefore my point is , I think I think and exist and interpret reality ‘in parallel’, a lot of the time. And might come across as distracted or not all there or even lazy. Not so.

      My point telling you this is. and this is how I managed to Icebreaker through 4 years at medical school before it ended, though I tried my best, though I was very at odds with the ‘system’. Even though at the time 10 yrs ago. I wanted to fit in with the ‘system’. But gain and again I kept clashing with it and after 4 yrs I left. To finish another degree.

      My point is, I’m not lazy. But I get ….distracted. Enki Enlil some force distracts me and I cant assimilate things. Looking at Wes Penre tonight, ive felt the same. Ill leave oit for this weekend.
      Don’t get me wrong I do get down to things, deeply and passionately and rigorously, hammering them hard. For Truth

      But the way I got through 4 years of medical school where there are rigorous hoops to jump thru to progress each year. I like gentle bullet point big picture summaries. Then once that’s in my brain. I drill down hard knowing what I’m going after.

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      • I understand. I’m not sure Wes Penre can be handled that way, but I’m listening to youtube videos of his stuff. It looks like he’s got quite a bit of information, which I haven’t been through, and there may be some abbreviated versions in there somewhere for all I know. I have a hard time sitting and reading so I like it when there are videos or audios reading the information to me or else I run it through my reader. This way, I can do other things and still listen. I listened to the Lost Book of Enki and other Sitchen books on youtube too. Personally, I like to know all the steps he goes through in coming to conclusions so I want to hear it all.

        But I really understand about being distractable. While writing this response, I got curious about something and started reading a piece on cloaking technology. My mind is still partially on the 9/11 planes.

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    • Hi again. The cupboard has been bare over there of late, due to distractiions, and what I realise now, was the energies frm the august 21st eclipse. I wanted to rise above it, resist it, ignore it. And instead only draw positive energies whatever they might be, from the eclipse.
      Instead I sense over the last month, NASA Satanists black magicians and others, in conjunction with astral plane technology, and etheric plane. Because lets face it, the situation we are officially living is an official lie. My point is , some strange very personal micro, energies seemed to be exerted on me since august 21st extending into September.
      Ive nfelt a definite lift nand release now though 🙂

      My point is illhopefully put one or two decent blogposts on my blog that excite the imagination and spirit and heart chakra , and thankyou for subscribing which I appreciate.

      Ill have to get round to Reader. I’m behind the curve. It was only mid 2016 I realised. When one was given to me. That an iPhone could effortlessly take photos and text and email them! Until then id been on a basic PAYG , still very good, but basic phone.

      It would be nice perhaps, to go out with someone nice. And she could help and fill in mmy gaps with Reader and keep me upto speed with technology. WHilst I forge forwards on more pure matters, analysing Wes Penre and Annunaki and ralising a much much higher god creator exists above the Anunnaki, who in my view , are simply some civikisation who have suppressed advanced technology unto themselves, and passed themselves off as ‘Gods’. I gather quite a few Breakaway civilisations have tried it on, lording it over those with less technology, pretending to be ‘Gods’.

      I’m sorry for my long comments. But I want to cram and stuff as much as I can get in. So I don’t take away from other commenters comments on the blog.

      Yes, i actually take in and assimilate things, at night during sleep with a youtube with a certain intelligent person speaking . Its surprising how I can dream, and play a kind of film, in dreams, what theyre saying. And in that way absorb via sleep. This is probably a bad idea though SInce sleep should be meant for rest and sleep away from all electronic devices.

      Cloaking technology. I have a few interesting relevant things to say, that came to me today, about this, and vaccines, and UFOs, and our DNA, and our pineal gland, and our Nikola Tesla system reality, lack of earths curvature. I wont say them here though, otherwise this will be insanely long.

      911 planes. I feel it reaches a point. We must draw a line under it . And simply say. It was a false flag inside job. Lets move along to apprecuiat the much bigger complex interconnected bigger picture.
      Thoise that obsess about 911 planes. Are falling into Tavistock hands, having their wonderful Qi mental etheric energy siphoned. Into needless analysis.

      We don’t need to agonise over holographic planes. We know that Nikola Tesla tehnology means incredible things and anything is possible that confounds 20th century Newtonian Hive Minded locked down minds.

      One thing I cant understand though S247. How come September has been so long planned down to the detail? Not just the Supertramp album in 1980. But it seems when the Twin Towers were built, it as always planned, September 11th 2001, theyd come down.

      I expect theres even more examples further back in history. decades. Creepy. I’m sure my mind will arrive at an understanding of this, possibly on Wes Penres website. Goodnight x

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  2. ” I’d rather make them irrelevant. I’d love to see them slide into oblivion, so to speak, so that nobody listens to them anymore and we just do what’s right regardless — and things just keep getting better and better for the rest of us ”

    Yes I like this positive way of looking at things. it might be a simple quantum physics fact, if we can just tune them out and construct our own counterstructures, ways of doing things, helping others, sharing helpful knowledge esp alternative health and free energy and growing things. And new friendships forged and a warm loving spiritual awakening naturally happening as a result of this.

    This might be the phoenix easing out the ashes we can build ourselves and they will just fade into irrelevance and oblivion. No fighting needed

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  3. surveillance? the data collection is just an extremely tiny part of it, this is what it is really for…..those big data staorage facilities being built in Utah…? lot more capacity there than just everybody’s emails, videos, fb profiles etc….everythingu do in your own home recorded in full 3d holo porn….


    althought hat isa very watered down version of the original article….

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