3 comments on “Once Again, Leonard Cohen “The Future”

    • I remember years ago, in a distant pre red pill time, getting round to watch this much hyped film. I remember firstly feeling uninspired and put off wondering what all the hype had been about.
      And I remember as the film went on I was quite turned off and appalled i remember, (i had no idea about mass cultural mind agendas back then) and found it off putting, pointless, glamourisation of bloodshed and nastiness and evil by characters. I don’t think I even watched the whole thing, due to boredom too

      Today now I can see this film’s intentions in a new perspective. It is chilling how the filmmakers and Hollywood producers and ‘writer’ have sought to seed evil anti human things and attitudes such as seen in tis clip above. It is also horrible how during moments of killing, funny little ‘humorous’ moments are inserted with editing, and music, etc To further make light and trivialise and confuse the mind. Tavistock at work here.

      Of course I know this goes on in many more films in lots of sly differing ways, and I am awakening to the evil of the Tavistock and its related places round the world. Its still shocking though to see this clip.

      I think a lot of Quentin Tarantinos ‘work’ could be described as having covert agendas. I wonder if hes Jewish.
      The people that control Hollywood, wizards and black magicians would need the wood from the holly tree to make their wands.

      The disturbing horrible things in this clip above are a glimpse into what the truly evil, demonic, anti human Jewish Marxist Bolsheviks who went through Russia during and after 1917 killing white Russian Christians. the real holocaust, 60 million, not the fake 6 million one. This was killing for killings sake in the most awful ways. In schools, the most beautiful and attractive young people were selected for the worst sacrifices, while the rest watched. Jewish demons revelling in blood.

      I don’t dwell at all on these matters in my mind but truths need to be stated

      And the jewish transsexual Wachovskis made a film V for Vendetta. It, too, inserted funny little ‘humorous’ moments, to make light of and trivialise, when a bishop man of the cloth had a prepubescent girl on his bed.

      Yes the same people, who sent in teams to America to execute September 11th, and infiltrate and own the security firms. Great people I wonder when we will be rid of them?

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