7 comments on “Gold Miners Admit To Slaughtering Uncontacted Amazon Tribe Members In Brazil

    • https://openheartedrebel.com/2014/04/28/the-spirit-world-chronicles-leaving-the-body-before-death/#comment-415301

      April 30, 2014 at 8:51 am

      This is a very interesting article to me as it reminds me of something very similar that I myself experienced as a 13 year old, more than half a century ago. You do not have to die in order to have such an experience.

      I myself was hit by a car when crossing a road. Needless to mention that the car was driving much too fast. It happened during lunch break from school and I still vividly remember wanting to cross the road, carefully looking in all directions and, as there was only one car still far away, stepping off the curb and starting to cross the road. I never noticed the car hitting me. Within fractions of a second after stepping onto the road I suddenly found myself in totally different surroundings that are impossible to describe. It looked a little like shimmering energy, light and not really light. I did not see or hear anything or anyone. There was No Body, No Thing. Even I myself as a person and a body of some kind did not seem to be there anymore.

      Just this energy which was consciousness and I somehow was that consciousness. It felt like Love of an intensity that could not possibly be experienced on earth, and total Acceptance. Somehow I was not confused at all. I instantly knew what must have happened: that car had hit me and I had died. And I could not care less. I never wanted to leave again. I was convinced it was heaven even though it did not look like anything I had ever imagined and even though God and Jesus did not seem to be there, at least not recognizably so, and there also were no angels. I do not know how long I was there in that state of consciousness.

      Maybe five to ten minutes. Just as suddenly I found myself back on earth again, a few meters in front of the car that had hit and thrown me, bruised and bleeding and in pain, with the driver of the car that had hit me bent over me and the population of two high schools crowded around me. That caused me the worst shock that I ever experienced, but that part will never be experienced by people who really die.

      For over forty years I never spoke about what had happened to me. Not because I was afraid that people would not believe me but because it really is impossible to describe. And also because I did not want my parents to know that I had not wanted to come back.

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      • Wow! That certainly is a memorable experience. There is something in the Wes Penre papers about what happens after death. Some of it is a bit disturbing, but it’s speculative. Very interesting speculation though, I thought.

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    • The kind of human farming has come to its end. Rudolf Steiner said that it only takes 48 conscious initiates to homeopathically antidote EVIL in the world. Tyla and Douglas are 2. Who is joining us?
      Let’s break out of this prison planet

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    • Hes a loose cannon. Whether its ego, or some Divine imprint in his spirit/soul/consciousness, DNA, that even his illuminati personality splitting trauma based mind control childhood before 5 yrs old when his brains most plastic and malleable. Like the elites aristocrats seem to do with all their children, its a culture of it. it might not just be to create an endlessly versatile array of mind controlled ‘agents’, from within the elites own ranks they can trust. To do whats needed or infiltrate. Nicola Sturgeon is one example. Look at those dead dark disc eyes. and the perfectly trained responses and soudbites , and total NWO Rothschild BS she spouts. Shes a Rothschil like Blair and Mandelson and Merkel and Hitler I sense

      Very sorry for departing from the highway and digressing like this. My burning point is Trumps a loose cannon. Something in his personality, ego, imprinted soul identity down through the incarnations.
      Trumps ego and arrogance might be to our advantage. He might even have infused within him, good morals from somewhere, lurking.

      I think we can sit back and enjoy the show, that for whatever reasons we cant immediately se. Trumps a wrecking ball and seriously rubs many elements in the deep state up the wrong way. Tyla Gabriel said she had a powerful vision too. about a [ositive outcome with Trump. Aim4Truth know something. So lets a raise a glass S247 hoping theres more to the multidimensional quantum physics with Trump going on that meets the eye 😉
      . He is emotional and has no filter.
      Some will confuse this lack of filter with honesty, others with a mental disorder. Whatever it is, I like it. This level of transparency and free expression might forever change the way the American public engages with their public officials. Trump’s raw emotional presentations – however racist, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic – are remarkable assets to understanding the brutish dynamics of power.
      Hopefully, this will inspire righteous outrage, creative resistance and an innovative, social-media-driven way of organising quickly and impactfully, especially from the artists, activists and young folks who checked out under previous White House administrations


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