3 comments on “Panic in Tel Aviv: Is Netanyahu losing it?

  1. I’m impressed with this excellent analysis! It may be that Trump is hopping mad that he’s been deprived of an excuse to bomb Iran because it may have been one of the points he agreed to in order to be selected (not elected) for the presidency. So he may not get the bonus he was hoping for. And Israel seems to have joined forces with, if not taken over, the Roman/British/American Empire and wants to kick the rear end of the Persian Empire. The size of these egos are almost unimaginable.

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  2. Good ol’ Nut-And-Yahoo. If I were a cartoonist, I’d “write” a book using earth’s current nut-case politicos as characters. Nut cases, all of them but as long as the sheeple find them entertaining, not much can be done. NAY (Nut and Yahoo) can go to jail, they’ll find something even more repulsive to replace that Pinocchio with, never fear.


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