7 comments on “What America’s Aristocracy Want

  1. I don’t believe this is true. As far as I know, the Rothschilds are the richest and they’re not Americans, even if they have homes here. It seems foolish to try to separate America’s “aristocracy” from any other. They’re all in league together wherever they live. There is a list of the richest billionaires, which may not show Rothschilds — but that’s only because they’re at least trillionaires. I wonder how many others escape notice by being trillionaires instead of billionaires.

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    • Yes I agree.
      Aristocratic ruling bloodline elites whatever entangled or squabbling competing factions theyre in, its an international supranational interlocked spiritual interdimensional conspiracy going back a long time
      I think its possible the Rothschilds aren’t the top of the tree, and Black Nobility in northern Italy, that seem to have deeper Persian(not sure if this includes Babylon Sumerian stuff too) roots, are some of the supremely powerful players. My understanding is there have also been White Nobility, sane decent families working for humanity, coming u through the centuries too, and this is where things went underground into secret societies, to keep them safe. Its possible huge games of cat and mouse between White and Black nobilities have happened.

      Because, ive read if evil was unopposed, the catholic church would still have us in the Dark Ages now. And I’m pretty sure , however tortuous things have been, humanity has been helped along the way, with things such as the Enlightnment, and other things , and even 20th century developments. Such as the internet maybe? I know that some might say the internet was allowed, because the elites wanted it out to control us better.
      But I don’t feel that’s the whole story. I think a lot of elites would prefer there was no internet;. I remember watching a Jay Rockefeller Senate clip some time ago, moaning on about the internet. I think certain high up british lawmakers, judges, who curiously many seem to be Jewish, have also expressed unhappiness about the internet. I wonder why?

      But yes, whatevers going on. The amassed wealth is in the hundreds and hundreds of Trillions, if not the next level up I don’t even know the name. Quadrillions I think, thousands of trillions.

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    • ”You are the only thing that is real. All else is an illusion. Whatever causes you fear is attempting to take your power away, that power you hold is your power to create.
      Your power to create can change the local-environment to match you, instead of you to match the rules of the environment ”

      ” Prepare to wake up. Throw everything you think you know out. Destroy your belief. Overcome the false-authority. Everything is a deception. Once you know this, then you can discern. Then everything is truth and you take the truth from other’s deceptions and you can discern for yourself when someone is telling you the truth. ”

      IE: The TRUTH, the real-awakening is not something that happens linearly. Only the illusory construct is linear, that is, you provide input and then the construct responds with an illusion that entangles consciousness.
      The REAL-AWAKENING is INSTANTANEOUS. IE: It happens FASTER than THIS REALITY can REACT. This is a NON-LINEAR, EXPONENTIALLY mapped occurrence. If you are relying on the response from this realm, that means you are too late, mentally and the conscious response you are waiting to experience is actually the synthesized programmed behavior that the construct is generating FOR YOU.

      YOU are the creator, the construct is the imitator. The construct imitates what YOU expect would be true. That’s the whole point, EVERY response is the ILLUSION. EVERY expectation within this linear, physical, time-matrix IS THE ILLUSION.

      This world can only stop those who allow themselves to be stopped by listening to the illusion and allowing that illusion to BE THEIR MIND for them! NO-MIND is part of this process. NO-THOUGHT state where this world slithers and attempts to grip and grasp one’s state of being through its tentacle like probes and program codes and one becomes IMPERCEPTIBLE to the MACHINE



  2. The psychopathy issue should be very obvious. The idea that a certain group of people feels entitled to rule the world and rule over others is the clearest indicator of insanity. It runs in their genes apparently.

    Something I like about this article is that it gives some information about Trump, his son-in-law, and his campaign assistance. Why people believe he’s a good guy underneath it all and really in it for the regular guy, I can only assume comes from a desperate hope that there’s some legitimacy to the systems that run this country. If there was any legitimacy, we wouldn’t have all of these billionaires. The anti-trust laws would have been used to break up the monopolies that this group uses to accumulate so much wealth. Regular folks need to cure their own insanity by ending their belief in the nonsense that the insane “aristocrats” peddle to the rest of us.

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    • I think as well, more than running in their genes. The way its always been with the elites, its a culture of shattering the minds of their children via trauma before theyre 5 when the mind is most malleable. I think this is to be able to create and perpetuate their psychopathic culture. And to have an amaing array of personality split ‘agents’, to insert into all high positions of society. As well I’m sure for sick other reasons. Blair could be a Rothschild, half brother of Nat.His psychopathy and evil from his eyes and aura is clear I think. Nicola Sturgeon could be one too, and shes robotic and has dead eyes. Then theres Angela Merkel. And for example, heads of oil companies, and much more too.

      Even ‘controlled opposition ‘ people, when the elites want to play a good cop/bad cop routine, the good ones mind control background since a child means they can tailor loads of their own, into different various scenarios. Good Cop Paul Hellyer might be one of these, even though hes very likeable. But hes a longer serving Privy Councillor, even longer than Prince Phillip apparently, which rings alarm bells on things Hellyer says analysing motive

      Yes. ive known and felt deep inside, I’m fooling myself about Trump, with all the evidence about who and what he is and is from.
      Powerful people in the Deep State are going all out though to take him down. This doesn’t seem like a purely staged thing for our benefit to me.

      Also, however, just last night, I said to my friend at aim4Truth, on an impulse, how her and Aim4Truths and CCRGs faith in Trump gives me relief. Despite his jewish illuminati background, and that he was 70 yrs 7 months 7 days old on Inauguration Day which shows a shocking amount of preplanning by the elites. I said they must know something I don’t, and this gives me faith and hope

      Her reply to me was ”Love, faith and hope. I saw it many years ago in a powerful vision. We will get there. Keep the faith. ” So I’m choosing to have belief and faith and maybe Trump doesn’t even realise hes a wrecking ball himself, but his nature makes this inevitable and hes a loose cannon to the Deep State. I hope.

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    • I forgot to say. If things weren’t complicated enough. There might be an additional reason the elites traumatise via torture and mind split their children. I read Aug Tellez say, its a way to break the conscious and subconscious minds, so that the true nature of reality and the multidimensions can be perceived by them, interacting with their gods or whoever. Things like this could be Mystery school tricks from Babylon or before.
      And apparently, coming full circle on things. When the 20th century ‘projects’, ‘ secret projects’, secret space programmes which is much more that just having free energy, building star trek type transdimensional travel fleets, or underground bases.
      The secret projects uncovered whats going on around us and the truth of everything and even from what I gather, interact with it sending soldiers into the multidimensions, and to parallel timelines, and much more. Crazy stuff.

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