One comment on “It’s Official: This Is Straight out of Orwell’s 1984…(12 min)

  1. This isn’t “1984” – it’s Brave New World. Don’t blame Google – they can do whatever it is the want to do because of the billions of brain-dead sheeple, and they know it. Don’t be a sheeple!!! Nobody NEEDS Google and that’s where 1984 doesn’t fit in. No one is FORCED to believe “in” Google, just like no one is FORCED to believe in God. Let’s put it in the vernacular and live this: “Fuck Google.” If the sheeple simply boycotted Google because it is a web of misinformation (not the other way around) guess where Google would be. Google isn’t coming to your door at midnight to arrest you for not being a believer… so… don’t be a believer, case closed. Now, if the sheeple choose to be believers, then “GO(d)ogle (boondoggle fits in there nicely) will be the new god. If you insist on believing in Google, it becomes a god. If you don’t, then it’s just another technological tool, to be used, as any tool, with intelligence and cirumspection.
    As for the arguments pro-con artificial intelligence, the well-known but little considered fact is that Earthians ARE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and they’re only afraid that their own AI creations will not just compete with them, but successfully surpass them and enslave them. We know this because we’ve been there before. Now that’s a conspiracy theory to chew on.
    To all the idjits who refuse to use their own intelligence to analyze their world, and their own actions in it, and how it all has cause and effect: welcome to your Brave New World.

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