11 comments on “‘I’m A Defeated Man. I Wanted To Illuminate The Whole Earth. ” Tesla Says In Near End-Of-Life Interview

    • I’ve never heard this whole interview before. It’s amazing and fabulous!

      Even though I’m not quite as in love with “electricity” as he was, I love that he understood things in this way. How many other brilliant people are walking around (or not) with important pieces of the puzzle, silenced by the idiotic society that controls us all to try to keep us from rising up to the level at which we once existed and to which we are destined to return?

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      • AIM4Truth reader Daniel C. wrote us this note:

        “Thank you for developing the Qube. The sigils do work. Last night I tried holding one as I fell asleep, and managed to hang on to it through the night. It greatly reduced mental chatter, and actually helped with a chronic pain in my neck. The neck pain actually went away as soon as I began to hold the sigil.
        I live in the Washington DC area so the silent radio garbage around here is strong. The sigil/antenna attuned me to a soothing channel. This gave me a sense of how disturbing the EM chatter around here actually is. I also do earthing at night. The sigil and Qube are another level of calm and clarity. Thank you again.

        I’ve done a lot of home research on water structure, so this morning I figured the water pipes would be the best way to expand the Qube frequencies throughout our house. All I did was laminate a sigil and tape it to an accessible cold water pipe. The frequencies should spread through all the water in the house, and in fact this place is getting noticeably quieter as I write this.
        Does the size of the sigil have an impact, and if so where could I find larger ones to print? For some reason I can’t enlarge the page on your website. Is there a forum somewhere to compare notes?

        Our Response: Yes, indeed, you are using the sigils just as we designed them – for your personal use in eliminating detrimental energies in your environment, transmuting them into beneficial energies. Print them for free and use them generously. The size of the sigil doesn’t matter, but the “size” of you consciousness does! May we suggest that you start a forum underneath anyone of these articles as a way to share uses and comments with others? If you are interested in participating, select a forum that resonates with your path of awakening.


        Hidden significance of the Great Truth Revelations we are now witnessing.
        Do You Know How to Use Sigils?.
        Why do Spiritual Scientists Have Such a Difficult Time Accepting New Technologies?

        A Spiritual War is Raging

        The truth, however, goes much deeper. If you haven’t noticed, pedophilia, human trafficking and slavery, wars for profit, blackmail and lies abound. We are fighting evil at several levels. At the most profound level, we are engaged in spiritual warfare with evil satanist global elites and their mercenaries. Today, it is even more important to know who our enemy is, which includes, but goes beyond, the Globalist versus Nationalist narrative. To see our spiritual foe, we must lift our consciousness to a higher level of awareness. Spiritual evil is working hard to defeat us in our thinking, our bloodstream, and our consciousness, as well as on the battlefield, in the financial markets, and our schools and universities.


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      • Wow hello again so nice to see you again.
        I didn’t know where to put this but decided on here. I hope youre well Speculator.
        Speculator self buildable free energy technology I n the hands of every decent honest man are essential. Essential. Then global cooling mini ice age will be a walk in the park.
        It is disgusting all this natural physics suppression. Ivr had enough .
        David Dilley: Definitive Dates for the Onset of Major Global Cooling
        David Dilley: Definitive Dates for the Onset of Major Global Cooling


    • I think the grammar issues are Tesla’s. The interviewer took down what he said as precisely as possible with errors included. I like it this way and wouldn’t want to lose any of the sentiments in “translation.”

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      • Yes im no physicist either. But the thing about these emerging times now is, we would likely be hive minded and bounded, by indoctrination and ego and career and status that our lives would rest on, with resulting cognitive dissonance, and basically mentally crippled by…..Jesuit Freemason Deep State High Priest lies and officialdom. Which most physicists are. It is laughable, on occasion when ive approached one at a local university, for a friendly chat. The condescending, almost mocking tone and attitude begins. It is amazing to witness.
        These arrogant people are actually thick and hive minded.

        Obviously mentioning Paul Pantones GEET plasma pipe reactor , that can do for a few dollars plus a 25cent rod, for unlimited time as long as theres fuel vapours to feed it. What scientists have spent billions on creating underground atom smashers to achieve pantones plasma reaction but only for a millisecond.
        Obviously it doesn’t go down well. And I’m not popular and not welcome!

        So I think were way better off with free minds S247 🙂 And actually I think the times coming, Nikola Tesla natural law physics is going to be a great equaliser, with physics and multidimensions and spiritual truths made easy to understand, and accessible for all. SO were actually ahead of the game compared to so called physicsts

        BTW did you see Wednesdays Oracle report photograph from the sky in Florida? Evidence I’m sure of a firmament dome above us for light to reflect off the sky like that. I don’t know if youre anywhere near Florida, you might have seen it yourself.

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