11 comments on “Doomsday is coming

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    Henry Kissinger, “Yes, many people will die when the New World Order is established, but it will be a much better world for those who survive.” Award that man another’ Nobel Prize for Peace!
    And, “Depopulation should be the highest priority of U. S. foreign policy towards the third world.”


  2. I think Kissinger may be right, but wouldn’t it be nicer if the New World Order & Co. were the ones who didn’t survive? And depopulation? Well, we’ll see — right after all of them go first. (I guess that’s one way to find out if they’re really serious about the idea.) How about that? After all, it couldn’t possibly be a better world if that group survives instead of the good people who actually care about this planet and its inhabitants. I just had a vision of that group waking up one morning in a world of total chaos and despair, a dystopian nightmare of sorts, while the rest of us clean up the mess here in this world to create a pristine, peaceful, and abundant situation for ourselves and our posterity.

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  3. Poor Richard! He needs to stop reading Deagel.com and get himself a copy of “Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniak or listen to the audiobook on youtube.

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