3 comments on “Man Made? Hurricane Harvey: Refueled Three Times = 50 Inches (3o min)

  1. So, who are these perpetrators, and what’s their real game? Just wondering, as I can buy some of the scientific explanations for Harvey’s “refueling” due to higher sea levels and warmer waters and air, but a bit of a stretch to accept it is deliberately caused by “perpetrators.” But then, nothing is impossible, even the impossible.

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    • Sorry I haven’t got the hyperlinks to hand. I will send them to you when I’m in the flow on my blogosphere travels. But CCRG blog is high quality. These patriot truthseekers give an excellent analysis of the motivations of why the so called elites, would use their suppressed nikola tesla technology, to manipulate the texas weather. Texas is a very resistant state to the NWO not only on gun control but on setting up a gold reserve separate from the federal reserve. As well, CCRG provides fantastic accurate analysis, espteric analysis, astrological, how the 21st august eclipse, its location.

      There are black magic reasons why they used HAARP nikola tesla technology (misused, nikola tesla would be turning in his grave). Also, there are dark facttions, embedded in all the alphabet agencies and militaries, and my best analysis is. Theres a multidimensional demonic strangling attempt on our world in a spiritual war that’s reaching its climax.
      There are positive counterbalancing forces too though. But in attempting to understand hurricane Harvey, your port of call She Tara should be CCRG blog. and AIM4Truth blog, very powerful pariot truseeking news gathering sites, no co0nnection at all to the MSM.

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