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      • Haha, could be!

        The funnier thing about that is, I think, that they never left. They only went underground. So maybe coming back just means coming up from their hiding places, which could be a bit unnerving. But then everything has to come out and be known so that we can deal with it and then put it behind us.

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      • Hi, Heres my email sent to Santos Bonacci, will let you know if he replies. Ive sent the same to Aug Tellez
        Hi Santos
        Its very mindblowing as I realise we are on a flat disc in a toroidal universe. Yes the moon must be smaller and closer than NASA says. Yes the Apollo moon landings were a Kubrick hoax. Its still possible though that the USNavy secret space programme fleet for example, or other SSPs, have travelled to the Moon in electrogravitcs crafts. My burning question to you is:

        – If we were standing on the Moon, what incredible view do you think we’d see looking at flat earth? Esp at the Antarctic perimeter?
        – Do you think we might see other Domed flat disc toroid universes positioned close to where our dome ends?
        – Might it be possible to walk interdimensionally at Antarctica into another domed universe near ours?
        – I’m very curious, if in any of your syncretic knowledge, youre able to work out, what view someone on the Moon might see? Some people are saying that several other domed universes might be visible.
        This is all a mindblowing time to be alive and I love your youtubes
        Thanks Adam

        I forgot to say
        I think the film Logans Run with Michael York Jenny Agutter , with land outside the Dome, past the ice wall, might be truth hiding in plain sight? Grateful for any insights you have

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    • Soul Extinction, Lucifer and Satan (the fallen Nephilim Seed, secret coven), and the Battle between Christ and the false-authority

      omnipulse time March 13, 2017 9 Minutes

      False-god Interdimensional Gene-Stealing Supercomputer and Cloned Hybrid Iconic Entities
      There is something that must be said. They created a false-‘god’ entity which is a supercomputer in the shape of a cross which kidnaps people. I was only there for a short amount of time when they pulled me out but they said it would try to kill me. I’m not sure, but they have weapons that are made to trick devotees. That is what the cloned hybrids are all about as well, kali, krishna, ‘alien’ supermodel ‘lightworker’ vampires, etc etc etc.

      They Fear The Supreme Creator and Jesus Christ (Yeshua)
      Then there is something else. If a person mentions the name “Jesus Christ” in the bases, they were either immediately punished or removed from the bases, or people would flee from them.
      This could be a trick on their behalf, but in the 2010 awakening, if I were to mention that name, they would get a look of horror/shock on their faces, they would cringe and then begin to pack everything up and walk away. This could be a trick on their behalf to deceive people in the end times. They do have a plan to deceive all the shallow minded individuals who believe in themselves in such a way that they can be tricked and turned away with mass ritualistic spiritual false-flag events that will be played out on the population. Then we these people lose their faith, because everyone is tied together like an ether-fabric this will pull downward on all the others connected to those concepts and attempt to pull them down as well.

      Original Vampire Races; Genetic Mutations from Technological Abuse and Cloning
      However, I was also told that the vampire races are from the sons of Cain and are literally the first people to eat other people and this is due to the original women of that time being raped by ‘fallen’ angels who are simply humans who went back in time to produce offspring through the use of time-travel technology and that this produced genetic paradoxes in the DNA which caused sub-human degradation. Basically, they ruined their DNA by going back in time and trying to use rape to become the progenitors and rulers of all people. As a result, the ‘original’ appearance of them, became over-layed by this, and thus they began to write themselves out of the ‘book of life’ because their DNA can no longer sustain itself and hold their memories and experiences in connection with that convoluted paradoxical system.

      End Times and the Destruction of the Human Soul through the Destruction of Genetics
      This is part of the plan to unleash the end times, which is to involve every human in this process by trading DNA from back and forth in time and feeding people their ancestors, and vice versa and having the whole thing mixed up and convoluted so that everyone goes down with them. That’s the “fall of Lucifer-Satan” and their whole plan to destroy everyone just because they made mistakes out of greed and ignorance themselves.

      They Can Only Mimic the True Creative Force
      Everything they mimic and abuse is actually created by a higher force and they lost the ability to be creative so they can only steal. Again, they said there are two “Christs”, one was a duo from their bloodlines which are the original vampire bloodlines and that they sent that individual back to try and smooth this all out.

      Original Christ and Deceivers, Gaia and Soul Blueprint Restoration (a pathway to higher dimensions)
      Then they said there was an original “Christ” that was a man and woman and were from a higher dimensional civilization that is referred to as “Heaven” or simply the deity plane. This was all part of a plan to input the original higher-dimensional soul-blueprints back into Earth so that a pathway to Gaia would be restored because Earth was literally severed in the ether from the possibility of spiritual evolution towards the original height of awareness and genetic purity which is the state and realm that this civilization was original formed under. Through the paradoxes this civilization was severed away and millions of cloned, replicated, hybrid, demonic, genetically engineered DNA lines were invented to muddy the waters and slow the whole process down. All they can do is hide behind those inventions to cover up what they’ve done.

      The Ancient Texts and the Distorted Bi-Bull
      The story of the Bible and ancient texts are part complete convolution of ancient occultism and alchemy from Egypt, part the story of the bloodlines …….read more https://augtellez.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/soul-extinction-lucifer-and-satan-the-fallen-nephilim-seed-secret-coven-and-the-battle-between-christ-and-the-false-authority/


    • I’m extremely sorry, beyond words. If I could just go back 24 hrs and not say what I said
      Please speculator. realise theres a deep metaphyscial sadness in my heart and mind and everything. I made a big mistake talking like I did.
      Your friendsip and mind was tremendous and I’m extremely sad if you wont repy, at least please say goodbye
      I’m very sad and tears are in my eyes, I regret so much crossing the boundary talking like I did. This is a plea from my heart, for you to say hello again.


  1. I think theres serious reasons to doubt the things presented in this national geographic video.
    The sun may be much smaller and closer to earth than 93 million miles away. It might even be the same size as the moon.
    Earth’s Official Standard accepted dimensions as a sphere, as presented in that video, also need to be seriously questioned. Its hard and nigh on impossible, to find curvature, even going 100,000 ft high in a balloon. This must mean we are on a much more massive sphere, where in our part of it that were allowed to know about, no curvature exists. The oceans, water having to be level and the 120 mile suez canal that has no locks, is a concern.
    The 1958 Antarctica Treaty as well where its all been militarised and a no go zone, becomes very suspicious too in light of the curvature situation.
    Yes, looking dispassionately too at what else this might mean, its possible earth is flat disc in some bizarre mindblowing way. But I prefer to not get into that as it turns people off and stick with my working hypothesis earth is way bigger than weve been told, hidden lands exist beyodn antarcitca .

    Also its very suspicious that the Sun creates a ‘hot spot’ on the ocean and in the clouds, and its rays fan out away from each other when hitting the ocean at sunset etc. if it was 93 million miles away this couldn’t happen, we would receive an even bathing of suns rays and theyd be parallel

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  2. How much of what we’ve been taught since day one is lies? Assume all of it, bar none, to be safe. That opens the mind to a clean “search” of the Cosmic Information Network. However, and just to be difficult here, if you watched a tall ship sail away from the port as you stood on the dock, it would not just get smaller and smaller and vanish; it would appear to sink into the ocean, and the last thing you would see, if you could see it, would be the top of the main mast. I’ve seen this when I was a child and asked why the ship sunk. I was then told it was an optical illusion due to the curvature of the earth. There are places, and certain times when the light is just right, where/when you can observe the curvature on the horizon. Again, seen this many times in the far north. My other concern would be, if people were in near space observing a flat (disk) earth, wouldn’t there be a phase of observation when all you saw was a line in space which gradually would turn into an oval, then a disk again, and so forth?

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  3. Another point on observing, our eyes do their best to show us an approximation of what we believe to be seeing. I’ve experienced this many times and had to admit what I was looking at wasn’t what I was seeing!

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