14 comments on “This Guy Explains the Solar Eclipse (3 min)

  1. I think theres serious reasons to doubt the things presented in this national geographic video.
    The sun may be much smaller and closer to earth than 93 million miles away. It might even be the same size as the moon.
    Earth’s Official Standard accepted dimensions as a sphere, as presented in that video, also need to be seriously questioned. Its hard and nigh on impossible, to find curvature, even going 100,000 ft high in a balloon. This must mean we are on a much more massive sphere, where in our part of it that were allowed to know about, no curvature exists. The oceans, water having to be level and the 120 mile suez canal that has no locks, is a concern.
    The 1958 Antarctica Treaty as well where its all been militarised and a no go zone, becomes very suspicious too in light of the curvature situation.
    Yes, looking dispassionately too at what else this might mean, its possible earth is flat disc in some bizarre mindblowing way. But I prefer to not get into that as it turns people off and stick with my working hypothesis earth is way bigger than weve been told, hidden lands exist beyodn antarcitca .

    Also its very suspicious that the Sun creates a ‘hot spot’ on the ocean and in the clouds, and its rays fan out away from each other when hitting the ocean at sunset etc. if it was 93 million miles away this couldn’t happen, we would receive an even bathing of suns rays and theyd be parallel

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  2. How much of what we’ve been taught since day one is lies? Assume all of it, bar none, to be safe. That opens the mind to a clean “search” of the Cosmic Information Network. However, and just to be difficult here, if you watched a tall ship sail away from the port as you stood on the dock, it would not just get smaller and smaller and vanish; it would appear to sink into the ocean, and the last thing you would see, if you could see it, would be the top of the main mast. I’ve seen this when I was a child and asked why the ship sunk. I was then told it was an optical illusion due to the curvature of the earth. There are places, and certain times when the light is just right, where/when you can observe the curvature on the horizon. Again, seen this many times in the far north. My other concern would be, if people were in near space observing a flat (disk) earth, wouldn’t there be a phase of observation when all you saw was a line in space which gradually would turn into an oval, then a disk again, and so forth?

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  3. Another point on observing, our eyes do their best to show us an approximation of what we believe to be seeing. I’ve experienced this many times and had to admit what I was looking at wasn’t what I was seeing!

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