6 comments on “Oliver Stone: “1984 Is Here”

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  2. “There is a system [in America], and that system existed before Trump,” Stone said. “Putin said this is the fourth [U.S.] president where nothing has changed. There is a deep state, a military industrial security state. … It is the system that has to be challenged. [Trump] is part of that system.”

    Exactly. One need only look at the not-yet-censured history of US abandonment of POWs in Vietnam and elsewhere to understand how deep is the disconnect between what we pay attention to and what we need to pay attention to:


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  3. I have to disagree with Stone when he says this is the fourth president where nothing has changed. What has changed is the deep state has gone into high gear (since 9/11), which has caused a continuing but steeper disconnect between the “government” and the people. They still like to pretend that the people have some sort of influence, but elections are rigged and any reaction to “constituents” by our “representatives” is completely superficial. What’s happened is that corporations, the puppet masters, and their partners (the deep state) have fully merged. They’ve created one false flag after another railroading and murdering their patsies so that prisons are now full of them and they’re continuing to ramp up the war machine around the world. So, to my way of thinking, plenty has happened. It’s all been bad though, and that may have been the point of Stone’s comment. Perhaps he meant that nothing has changed in a positive direction. If that were the case, I would have to agree.

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    • The comment I left earlier vanished and I cant remember it all to type it again.
      I too have had feelings of pessimism, on Trump, and the state of our world, and feeling like its all sewn up and everythings a done deal. However I think, things would be a lot worse now, since 2001, had these bad people in the world been unopposed.
      On the surface it mught seem depressing, the Deep State doing all theyre doing, but there might be positive groups, secret societies, doing many things but the battles are unseen. I think both good and bad factions might have advanced technologies, and this earth is being stabilised geologically and weathwerwise, as much as possible, by the good people.
      As well, theres the very real possibility, things are being helped massively, just beyond our perceptions, in other realms.
      Trumps jewish and deep state background did make me very pessimistic earlier this year. But the people called Anonymous Patriots with AIM4Truth blog, are very intelligent people and must know something I don’t. They have unwavering faith that Trump is acting for good in the face of tremendous odds. So I think APs position, gives cause for some optimism.
      As well, people like Robert David Steele surely must indicate there are good people within the deep state, that have powerful connections and are doing good things.
      Its always darkest before the dawn, and I’m not one for looking for false hope where theres none, I’m too musch of a realist for that. But if there wasn’t some form of counterbalancing power of good, I think things would be very much worse now in 2017.

      As well, apparently its a physics truth of manifestational reality physics. That what we attach our subconscious minds to, attaches to one of the infinite versions of timelines out in hyperspace, and connects with and draws it to us. I think this ‘trick’ of physics reality is well known by good and bad secret groups. I think there could be, and has been , a battle for the subconscious minds of humanity to pull the timeline that manifests for the world in a good or evil direction. So I’m hoping and betting that good things are coming for us all!

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