8 comments on “The Anunnaki in the Bible

  1. The story is much more interesting, complicated, and convoluted than this author can explain in a short article. I’m not sure that his simplifications though are totally accurate, but then I haven’t finished reading the Book of Enoch. I’m now onto the Kolbrin Bible, which contains translations of many different ancient texts from several sources which are just as interesting as Sitchin’s translations.

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      • I’m on a mission right now to read all of the ancient texts I can get hold of. What do you want a post about? One of the interesting things is that each culture has a different name for these guys and because they had such very long lives, they were involved with lots of cultures. It seems like trying to write anything definitive before I finish reading would be premature, but maybe it wouldn’t have to be definitive. There’s so much to read that I didn’t even know about before. The more I read, the more I find. It’s very exciting!

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      • This material fascinates me. Why don’t you write many posts on it as you are discovering it? I’d love to help as much as I can regarding research or whatever you need.
        Many of us are just discovering these ancient buried truths that have been dismissed because they don’t fit the agenda of the elites today. I think they just don’t want to share. Or, they think the vast majority of us are simpletons. Let me know if this excites you and I’ll make you an “author” here. Easier to collaborate this way. Okelay dokelay?

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    • I haven’t the time to read the book of enoch or kolbrin bible, or nag hammaddi scrolls. I am aware though they hold potentially powerful clues, insights into our history and was it Constantine in 2nd or 3rd AD made sure the bible put out had lots of truths removed, and then the KJV one was yet more rewriting suiting the elites. This Wormwood spoken of in the kolbrin I think, I hope that benevolent powerful ‘Watchers’ will protect many of us from it.
      FWIW, I think this might be worth you bearing in mind, two penneth worth, as you do your deep research.

      My instinctive feeling and impression is, seeing as zecharia sitchin was jewish, had offices in the Rockefeller building, and was a freemason. I have a feeling his annunaki Sumerian translations, could be deliberately wrong, to suit the agenda of the luciferian elites today during these end times.
      Also, fwiw, a very interesting, intelligent, multidimensionally aware man who was killed last year, Max Spiers, said in an interview, he feels that Sitchins interpretations of things are wrong/deceptive.

      People like Joseph Farrell ive read, also think Sitchins work has something wrong with it. And just think, Sitchin had his work published in many languages, sold loads, worked from the Rockefeller building, and I think rockefailures owned text book printing companies too. My 6th sense tells me its a bit too good to be true the Sitchin version, and theres some deception somewhere. But I cant work out what it could be.
      I look forward to anything you write on this matter 🙂
      If possible, try and identify for us some good news from your research, that we are all going to be ok, and the evil people will be removed. Uplifting things like that hopefully 🙂

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    • This might be of interest, he mentions the annunaki here. Its been noted though, that despite having lots of interesting things on his blog, Aug Tellez might be feeding us invalid timelines. And hes admitted he is communicating with ‘AI’ getting his info. Plus, he curns out 100+ wpm articles each day, such volume. Thomas Williams has raised a red flag about tellez. Possibly feeding us some interwoven deception, perhaps seeding our subconscious minds with an AI leaning timeline to manifest. I don’t know. So discernment advised on his site.
      But he does come across well meaning too, and I suppose, overall, his prognosis for our future is positive

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    • Hi Speculator, i hope youre well, I thought you might find this of interest. Its from an in5D article warning against activating the 3rd eye unless its what someone really wants (I don’t think ill bother). http://in5d.com/awakening-the-third-eye-be-careful-what-you-wish-for/

      But its the Sagan pdf book at the bottom. This is pasted from page 26.. It wont paste but if you get time take a look at page 26. Heres some salient points

      – Steiner said that in the middle of Lemuria, the epoch that preceded Atlantis. A ciritical event took place in the occult history of mankind
      – Libido was entirely towards procreation, everyone was a hermaphrodite
      – Steiner then describes how, in the midst of ‘cataclysmic earth changes’ (arrival of the Annunaki fallen angels perhaps?) Human beings lost half their procreative energy. The sexes were separated.

      (This suggests Annunaki chromosome interfering. And my understanding is, their motivation to do this was to have slaves to mine gold. But then an accidental spin off was that the Ann realised these slave females were attractive and wanted to marry them? So this is the essence of the ‘Fallen Angels’ scenario I presume?)

      – Rudolph Steiner says, the half of the procreative sexual energy each one of us lost. Got redirected into the ego and a development of connecting with the spiritual self, higher self. Until then apparently, we had just been like blobs. But then we became spiritual beings.

      What I’m driving at. I’m hoping to tap into your discernment of the bigger picture, to try and reconcile and integrate all the contradictions. I sent a comment to She Tara discussing things
      htt ps://talesfromtheloublog.wordpress.com/2016/04/18/meet-the-nephilim-a-hybrid-species-that-inhabited-earth/comment-page-1/#comment-12353

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