2 comments on ““Nervous System Manipulation by Electromagnetic Fields Through Monitors” Patent US6506148 B2

    • A quick point to make, picking up what I was saying earlier. That’s if my assumption and reading so far, is correct. I might have read real true physics wrongly. But lets assume below is correct

      ” Could it be our thoughts, frequencies, which we are in control of, the pilot of. Can actually act as a multidimensional or parallel universe travelling device? Is this one of the big secrets? Which is why the elites have tried to manipulate human consciousness for so long? ”

      I say this in conjunction what I read on Tellez’ blog. That what the Secret Projects discovered in the 20th century. Was that are literally infinite, future timeline realities existing out in hyperspace. Of every possible combination of futures. Eg one where I’m typing this now. Another where ….im an asleep non truthseeker going to the football match. Another where I’m in a different career. Another where we are actually talking over coffee. Etc etc.

      My point is Aug Tellez has said, and this is where the Manifestational power of belief, planting the subconscious mind good intentions, and weeding out negative MSDOS running software in our SCMs.

      That actually attaches, latches onto, that ‘future’ from hyperspace. And the more powerful focussed SCM software programs are running, physics dictates, that future timeline is naturally and inevitably drawn into our reality. Tellez says it cannot be any other way. Theres an interesting article and timeline diagram somewhere that illustrates this point but cant find it.

      My point is. It could be possible that psychotronic scalar interdimensional weaponry, might not just be to manipulate someone, give them headaches, or implant thoughts (or even objects) into their heads, to behave certain ways.

      My point is what if psychotronics can actually remodel and remould physical reality around us. By targeting them at thousands of people at football stadiums. Or via the TV news? Literally seeding SCMs around the world to literally, ‘manufacture’ reality in this Tesla Toroidal stem flat disc lack of curvature Earth Realm?

      Mindblowing thought.

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