2 comments on “Final Stages Of The Event Horizon

  1. I really love this guy and his passion, but protests have very little value in the U.S., even though the Constitution guarantees our right to do so. Most people have understood the dangers of protesting evil. We’ve seen the imprisonments, the outrageous treatment, and even the killings. The evil is and has been for a very long while far past the point of being influenced positively by protesters or voters.

    This population reduction thing is certainly possible, but it’s not set in granite or anything else. There’s no reason it should have to happen because of nuclear war and there’s no point in believing that some outrageous percentage will perish. Even though shit does happen from time to time, negative karma does not belong to anyone who acts in innocence with good intentions.

    And it’s probably not so hard to become a bit arrogant when one believes his or her own actions are superior to someone else’s, but in this case it seems to be coming out of Richard’s genuine concern. Personally, I’m holding the hope that karma is received only by those who have truly earned it based on their knowing and willful acts of harm against others, that the innocent and naive become educated, and that those who become educated and enlightened in knowledge will be able to correct the errors here and close the book on this chapter of our story in the most benevolent way possible.

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