One comment on “ CLUSTER Of “Unexplainable” Objects Beyond Neptune (10 min)

  1. Lapis Lazuli Swiss Pharoah Bloodline Neptune Update:
    It might not be a spherical planet, it might instead be another dimension, that’s visible, or a version of Earth in a past timeline or parallel Timeline. Its possible that by looking up into the Heavens , are literally looking up into Hyperspace and the Multidimensions and that the Nasa Scottish Rite Freemasons have lied to us about what space is.


    4-4-2014: Mark Gray – At the Sochi Olympic Opening Ceremonies the “Blue Orb” of the Planet Neptune was revealed to us.
    Now again this week at the Vatican, the Blue Orb of the Water Planet Neptune has been shown…….
    On Thursday Pope Francis presented Queen Elizabeth with
    a lapis lazuli orb for eight-month-old Prince George.
    She said, He will be ‘thrilled’ with the gift, adding:
    ‘when he’s a little older’

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