6 comments on “A Shameful Silence: Where is the Outrage Over the Slaughter of Civilians in Mosul?

  1. Like I always say — it’s outrage overload. It would be impossible to maintain an appropriate amount of outrage for all of the insanity being perpetrated on innocents these days. The fact that the U.S. / Israeli / Saudi / British “governments,” along with some others, work together to murder people and destroy historical places in the Middle East while pretending that the people pose a threat to the security of the world is so far beyond outrageous that it almost can’t be fathomed. Beyond that, our “government” does not care what the people feel about what they’re doing. They’re not going to stop until they’re forced to stop and we don’t know how that will happen just yet. The only way to understand it at all is to step back and view the larger perspective through history.

    I think outrage overload is a real condition where people have to shut out the madness to some degree in order to continue functioning in the world. If they allowed themselves a chance to fully incorporate the insanity and cruelty and the perpetration of unimaginable horrors on all earthlings, they would not be able to continue running the hamster wheel that we currently call life. And then what would they do?

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      • You’re making fun of me, right?

        One thing I don’t really understand though is how they’re able to get the military personnel to carry out these horrors against other people. Maybe if we all understood that thoroughly (mind control, coercive tactics, threats, etc.), people could muster up some outrage.

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  2. We no longer get visuals, except fake photos, or watered down ones, (to protect us from ourselves, no doubt). A picture is worth more than a thousand words. The worst of military torture, US lynchings, ritual abuse/sacrifice, etc., all damped down. Others, we see so often, we get desensitized to. Why it seems that the only time we even get to see ‘outrage’ is on the faces and gestures of the families of slaughtered Muslims, esp those of women. Real ‘outrage’ has been banned. At best you may only express your ‘concern’. Until one gets that, the military and police have ways of helping you learn.


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