One comment on “UFO Hunters Who Mysteriously Disappeared (Video)

  1. My latest intel from somewhere said Bruno Borges has reemerged which is good news, unless ive got this wrong
    Max Spiers I really enjoyed his interviews ive seen. Really interesting nice intelligent gentle guy who no doubt has done some serious stuff in the secret projects and possibly killed people too in his alters
    its a valid question, how can any of this, he says, be trusted if MKUltra and technology memory wiping and memory implants might be going on?

    Good question. And maybe we need to throw out the whole lot of everyone in that case, and just rely on our own methods to break through and past, the Sirius Annunaki Skynet electric quarantine veil around us (gaps exist to travel out of. The Time overlords aren’t all powerful, their Veil has weaknesses). Accessing the Multiverse multidimensions. james Gordon Grahams upcoming modules on his Multidimensional Creatives course I’m looking forward to, will no doubt provide great guidance and navigation on all this.

    Anyone taking things Max Spiers says seriously, therefore needs to give Aug Tellez consideration too

    Max Spiers’ fiancée Sarsh Adams is extremely lovely and is a wonderful truthseeker to connect to
    The possibility of a Multiverse, numerous parallel univrses and dimensions THAT ARE REAL and people can literally travel to, which the SSP secret projects discovered the full workings of the Aftrlife quarantine in the 20th century


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