7 comments on “Anyone remember Woodstock? Santana – Soul Sacrifice 1969 “Woodstock” (6 min)

  1. I remember the day…I really wanted to go, but I had to go work at Friendly’s so I could wait on the hippies, some were going to Woodstock…they seemed to have lots of money to get high but none left for tips. My favorite was Hendrix I think, but I’d have to take a look again. Met people who were there though: ‘cool people’…one was the only shrink who admitted the truth at the Institute, but only after I insisted it wasn’t helpful to keep lying to the prisoners. Then she confessed that her cohorts were “despicable”. She told me about Woodstock and I told her how the night staff were high, and stealing my undies and socks, and replastering the wall overnight by my bed and she listened…

    She had heard that when I was being interrogated, I broke into Joni Mitchell, and kept singing “help me I think I’m falling…”. So one day, she showed up with a phone full of that album, ‘BLUE’, one of my personal favorites… I was so happy I almost kissed her.

    The browncoats have erased her name from my brain.. I can’t even remember if Joni was at Woodstock. My friend couldn’t go either, though I don’t think that he would have gone, even if he wasn’t fighting for his brothers in the jungle. (He laughed at hippies when they spit at him..) He keeps saying that those who ‘dropped out’ got to hold the keys to the kingdom (and the Institutes), as long as they stopped fussing that they were against war. (And I think they got to keep their hair, teeth and shoes, too!). Far Out!


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