5 comments on “US Senators Push for 20 Years in Prison If You Support Boycotting Israel

  1. No, but maybe life in prison for any government official who becomes a member of AIPAC, and life in prison for any candidate who doesn’t disclose AIPAC or other treasonous membership while running for office. And life in prison for anyone who tampers with elections. The system is supposed to be one person, one vote, with all votes counted properly. Oh, I forgot…life in prison for anyone posing as a member of the media who lies to the public, and no foreign or treasonous individuals may own any aspect or part of any U.S. media organization. And no more immunity or impunity for government employees, officials, or others who commit crimes and/or fraud. Also life in prison for any lawyer or government official, including elected officials, who try to subvert the Constitution. These legal changes should properly handle those who are supporting this legislation.

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