One comment on “Pentagram Study Declares American Empire ‘Collapsing’

  1. partial quote: “they are considered problematic for the expansion of the “U.S.-led order.” Indeed, as so were all those politically and economically destabilized and whose governments were overthrown in favour of pro-USA military industrial complex and “order”. To prevent entropy, “nature” or better put, “life” will create chaos where artificial order has been imposed. No Earthian empire has yet caught on to that little problem, hence why all of them, after reaching a certain controlling point, are forced to collapse. If violent revolutions don’t work, or can’t ignite, no worries, something else (climate change, economic collapse, a plague, a “limited” nuclear war) will work just as well. What we can be certain of is that “the” empire must collapse. Isaac Asimov did a great job of explaining that in his “Foundation” series.

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