16 comments on “Gigantic ‘Alien Mothership’ Spotted by International Space Station (VIDEO)

  1. It doesn’t seem surprising to me at all that “others” would want to monitor space. Some of them, and probably most, are either neutral or benevolent. It’s not like all of space belongs to our planet.

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    • Take a look at this and prepare to have your mind blown. John Lenard Walson bought a Nikon I think telescopic video camera, and took these shots of either SSP, or possibly our Star Families outside the quarantine zone, waiting to help us. Might it be possible that SPace Wars are going on above our heads between the cabal and benevolent Star Family civilisations with huge interdimensional interstellar fleets? Military Chinooks were hovering over his house when he put these on the internet

      ht tp://ww w.thelivingmoon.com/43ancients/41Group_Lunar_FYEO/02files/FYEO_Spacecraft_01.html

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    • Wow hi again we keep seeing each other like this on our truth travels.

      ” The ancients of early Egypt and Pre-Egyptian civilizations referred to them in their sacred texts as “Portals of the Gods” — stepping-stones to other dimensions of mind and matter.  Are they real?  Absolutely!
      Recently, I was invited to test drive a man-made Stargate device created by John Haan from Valkenswaard in the Netherlands.”

      ” I was game.  Bring it on.  I had done quite a bit of outer space exploration within the meditation state, so I climbed into the zero-gravity chair in the center of the Stargate grid, put on the headphones to listen to multidimensional tones, and went into my meditation mode ”

      ” About midway through my 30-minute session, I found myself out in the cosmos hovering near our fiery Sun.  Many may not know this, but the Sun is believed to be a huge Stargate.  It  has an immense black triangular patch on its surface which emits quick solar-like discharges of unknown origin.  SOHO (NASA) photographs have identified this anomaly, yet scientists have no idea what these strange discharges are.  I was soon to find out.”

      ” In my remote viewing mode, I saw several huge spacecraft going into the Sun’s black triangular patch.  They were the size of 2-3 football fields in length and were lined up like some cosmic Panama Canal awaiting passage.  Curiosity got the better of me.  I followed one of the large space vehicles into the Sun’s portal and suddenly found myself traveling through it at warp speed.  To my surprise, I shot out on the other side into a multi-colored universe.  Gone was the black space of our universe, replaced instead by the most incredible colors I had ever seen anywhere.”

      ” At the opening to this other universe was an arc formation of Federation-like spaceships.  I suddenly knew, with all certainty, that they were the “gatekeepers” to this dimension.  I watched as each spacecraft coming through the Stargate was energetically scanned in a nanosecond of time for intent and purpose.  I remember wondering if being in our solar system caused possible contamination and perhaps this welcoming committee was responsible for neutralizing such  things.  As each ship quickly passed the “gatekeepers” they shot off into space, each in a different stream of colored light. ”

      http://w ww.trinfinity8.com/stargate/

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    • Ok we need to explore and examine your issues with it. And hammer it hard. Like Truthseeking blacksmiths dedicated on the road for truth. let me know your issues with YRFT. I have no cognitive dissonance loyalty. Ill go wherever the objective interesting evidence from interesting minds leads. .
      These are major issues going on and I’m nkeen to know your thoughts on yellow rose for texas.
      You cant argue surely though, that the earth doesn’t have a 6 mile horizon
      just saying, as chris spivey would say

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    • Nibiru Update
      Nibiru is a hyperdimensional planet opening up stargate portals on Earth more and more
      But the cataclysmic destructiveness is easily being managed and minimised to allow for a gradual transition that permits change but to hep our humanity make it out from the quarantine the pattern of intel seems to be all pointing towards even though the elites are trying to change this
      This video provides excellent footage of chemtrails as well as what they suspect the controllers are trying to hide with the relentless spraying. They call the hidden element “Wormwood”, but it doesn’t matter what name we use. Something is there.
      Many folks across the world, as he relates in this video, spend a lot of time studying the sky and when something is different, they know it. Our skies are definitely different and there are things they don’t want us to see—but they can’t hide them forever and we’re witnessing more and more anomalies.
      One of these days there will be a whopping surprise for those who aren’t paying attention—the ones with their faces in their gadgets rather than watching the skies

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      • Hollywood seems to have so many films made by bloodline illuminati insiders telling Disclosures. I think this has been going on decades. Avatar is one, Adjustment Bureau another. And on and on and on. Logans Run I’m sensing is very important disclosing the truth about our earth. James Cameron is a bloodline insider.
        Matt Damon (I can find the links) and Ben Affleck, are not poor struggling actors made good with writing Good Will Hunting! Matt Damons father has a Marthas Vineyard background. Damons been groomed for a long long time before he was famous, to star in key disclosure films of our time. Elysium, Bourne, and Adjustment Bureau.
        On the day of the premiere of Good Will Hunting by two unkown struggling actors, why were Damon and Affleck at Camp David watching it with Bill Clinton?

        Why was Damon at Harvard allowed to be pulled out so often to goto Hollywood for acting training? Yet allowed to continue with his course plus be a member of an elite fraternity?

        However this film in 1971 Bruce Dern Silent Runnings I think is a big red flag! We are on a fragment of Tiamat that’s been made flat, habitable, shored up to contain oceans, and a Dome of some kind quarantine around us.

        htt ps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_Running

        ht tp://cinetropolis.net/unsung-heroes-silent-runnings-drones/silent-running-dome/

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    • Hi, yes it is mindblowing. On the webpage link I left above, but the address www etc will have to be put back together. There are some clearer pictures and even more elsewhere in the blogosphere.
      I gather these are about 240 or 300 miles up. I could be wrong on that.

      I do deeply sense that NASA has lied to us about the 93 million distance the SUn is supposed to be away from us, and its huge size. I think this is a lie. If it was that far away, and blasting us with light and heat every day. It would never never exert any type of spotlight effect at all, through the clouds, or on the ocean. We would get an equal bathing.
      Therefore NASA Socittish Rite Freemasons are lying to us. And the SUn must be smaller and closer to us exerting more of a spotlight effect. When we examine the fact no detectable earths curvature is possible. We are suddenly in stratospheric deep rabbit hole realms of huge NASA lies.

      Richie From Boston youtuber examines these interesting issues, plus the Moon cant be as far away, and can only be about 70 miles diameter. Lies lies lies from NASA. The 1958 Antarctica Treaty is a big red flag too for their irritating lies. Something is up.

      Weve obviously been in a quarantine, not just physical distance, but multidimensional too. This is I think part of NASA Jesuit ridiculous deceptions on us. To not let us realise we are in fact an earthl flat plane dimension. And all these crafts above, any ‘space travel’ they do, all space travel, is in fact using advanced Nikola Tesla technology. And going out through interdimensional portals, whether natural ones that open and close in the sky according to astrological alignments.

      or artificially created interdimensional portals. Or. These crafts flying into the SUn which really does seem to be a hyperdimensional portal into other universes. Yellow Rose For Texas discusses this well, the Vatican knows this, the 3 obs on the papal keys. are portals in the sun.

      The Annunaki Pagan worshipping Satanists in the Vatican seem to know quite a lot.

      A burning question I don’t know the answer to. If I was in an electrogravitics SSP craft and flew into the sun and emerged into another Universe (Kathy Forti Remote viewed and went into the SUn and emerged in another universe WHERE SPACE WASNT BLACK BUT MULTICOLOURED.

      – My question is: Is all space travel actually just travelling between different universes via the multidimensions?
      – And once you arrive in those other universes. Are there other dense 3D existences and flat plane systems like we are in now?
      – And where/how do the images of our Galaxy fit into all this?
      – Fair enough the sun seems to be a portal to go into do to Interstellar travel via the hyperdimensions.

      – DOes that mean when we look through telescopes (iF THE IMAGES CAN BE TRUSTED) , AT THE GALAXY. . Are we literally looking at the multidimensions/heaven?

      Exciting times and I suspect that the quarantine status on earth is about to end and the cabal will not be able to harass anyone anymore.

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    • Have Faith, and Strength, from somewhere. Big changes are afoot. I know its easy for me to say with what youre going through. But try and stay strong. The cavalry is here.
      One idea is imagining energy is entering trough your head, from Source/Creator above. And going dow front of your body downt hrough your feet
      Use your mental power to draw this Qi etheric energy down through you. Try and do this for an hour a day. Do it while walking, that’s how I do it. Its harder when lying on a bed but still possible.
      https://talesfromtheloublog.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/edgar-cayce-ordinary-man-extraordinary-messenger/#comment-12778 Its Lawrence Wilson downward pushing exercise


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