4 comments on “Audio Released of Cops Who Turned Off Body Cams And Killed Justine Damond

  1. Any officer who turns off his or her body cam should be immediately fired, and citizen tribunals should be held to determine the culpability of and appropriate punishment for the officer by consensus instead of the corrupt system judging the corrupt officer.

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    • Yes, and no pension! They should also be drug tested for steroids and alcohol abuse (coppers have a way higher incidence of alcoholism than the general population, and spousal abuse, and suicide)

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  2. Yes, definitely should be fired without pension and any accrued benefits should be immediately cancelled, including health care coverage and accrued vacation, etc., etc. In fact, each and every time someone or their pet is killed or injured by an officer, a citizen tribunal should be held to judge whether the officer acted appropriately or not and an appropriate punishment should be determined by citizen consensus.

    Unfortunately, even though we feel that the officers should be responsible and accountable to the people and our tax contributions pay for their salaries and benefits, they aren’t. We don’t get to hire them or fire them or make decisions about their training, but we should. Apparently, they’re hired, fired, and trained by people who have sociopathy as a prerequisite.

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  3. somebody raping somebody else with a camera is a very serious crime, probably still illegal at least in the UK……
    They have hundred of thousands of hour of video and 3d holo porn of them raping me, torturing me, beating me, gang raping some other women…..it’s done me no good!
    Pigyobs also routinely beat to death at least 4 people every day in the UK…and they’re just the one’s they admit to! It’s several times that figure in reality…..I often wondered, these stats for the US…..do they only include gunshot murders? Otherwise it seems to me UK pigyobs are certainly ‘beating them’ on that score…..

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