2 comments on “Elon Musk Unveils Apocalyptic Vision For The World

  1. This guy is all about life inside the matrix. The price of his stock has to do with what the “elites” think about what his company is doing. It’s a pretty good indication that whatever he’s doing is not in the best interests of the people, even though I agree with him that AI is dangerous. He makes sense when he talks about regulation, except since the “government” is made up of crooks they can’t really be counted on to do what they’re supposed to do.

    Musk isn’t someone that I would want to “follow” or think of as a mentor or savior or anything like that. He has some important things to say, but basically he seems to be just another type of corporate tycoon and I don’t trust him. Shouldn’t he be using his inventiveness and resources to help break through the matrix? Of course, if he did the powers-that-be would shut him down in one way or another.

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    • Speculator would you like to move to Switzerland together and we could look at alpine views and have swiss coffees and look at alpine snow mountains and log fires in each others company while we pocket nearly $72,000 US dollars? I’m just planting the seed in your mind here.

      BTW I don’t ”follow” or view Musk in any positive light at all. He can goto Hell. Hes most likely a frnt man anyway just like Zuckerberg and others its emerging now.
      Meanwhile on matters in Switzerland


      Demographic Dysphoria: Swiss Village Offers Families Over $70,000 To Live There
      As for Switzerland, a small mountainside village near Leukerbad in Canton of Valais called Albinen, is now experiencing a population crisis. The village of 240 inhabitants is one many areas in the country experiencing a mass exodus in recent years

      Among the remaining residents, widespread panic has reached the village’s council, with locals demanding officials do something to reverse the declining trend and improve the economic outlook for the area.
       In a last ditch effort to avoid a total collapse of the local economy, officials are now offering 70,000 Francs ( 71,467 US Dollars) to families (of 4) under the age of 45 to move in and settle down for 10-years.
      ht tp://ww w.zerohedge.com/news/2017-11-25/demographic-dysphoria-swiss-village-offers-families-over-70000-live-there


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