3 comments on “Universe potentially ‘cosmic zoo’ filled with complex plant and animal life, theorize scientists

  1. I’m guessing this is more or less true, hopefully less. Barbara Marciniak calls it a living library, which I think means a genetic library, and this could be a nicer way of saying it’s a cosmic zoo.

    I guess we do the best we can under the circumstances, but I’m not sure I’d stress the point of “intelligent” life too much. I always find it humorous that scientists and other people believe we are the most intelligent life in the universe as I observe the stupidity and blatant insanity that goes on. If they were really intelligent, they might take a moment to understand and give appropriate appreciation to the non-human life on this planet.

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    • An intelligent species would not be self- destructing and taking out all other life forms on Earth. We are a bloody ignorant species that inflicts pain on each other and all other species. We are a virus.


      • There is certainly some truth to that, but the really awesome thing about us is that we have the capacity to choose how we will behave and to reason out as well as feel our way through decisions. I believe we could do a whole (I mean a WHOLE) lot better if we could be rid of the psychopaths who run the systems that keep people in ignorance and running on their hamster wheels.

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