One comment on “The Legend of Shambhala: A Hidden Land That Exists Within Our Own

  1. A great reminder article, though I need to add my own version of events here. These are “mind” places, and any physical “evidence” are but peripheral place markers, not very relevant. We’ll find bits and pieces to make us wonder, but we will only find the real thing within our minds, once we free ourselves from the lies of the Matrix and our childish need to be “guided” by some superior other minds. Lets say you’re questing after some great mythical city. As you believe you’re approaching you find signs that others have preceded you: trails, discarded items, graves, even abandoned villages, writings on rocks, skeletons, a crumbling temple, i.e., signs of civilization. So you speculate this means you’re going to find your dream quest. Wrong. A “transmutation” is required, and the passage is called death. There may have been a “time” when Shambhala (or whatever you want to call it) was visible, but it would always have been in a higher dimensional plane. It does not exist here, except in our dreams, if we are able and willing to dream that big. Access to “Shambhala” or whatever (my version is called Altaria) comes from rising above all the traps, tricks, lures, of this lower, chaotic (evil) realm, in thought, word and deed. The more I change myself into (in my case) a compassionate being, the more of the key to Altaria I possess. But regardless of how far I get, only my physical death can bring me to that door, and only my performance on earth can determine if my key will open it… or not. No magic, no miracles, no short-cuts, no “special” anything: just dogged determination, and a certainty that surpasses any “understanding” that grows from the above determined struggle.

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