One comment on ““Scientists Found That The Soul Doesn’t Die – It Goes Straight Back To The Universe”

  1. This post, while well meaning, might be too simplistic.
    We appear to be living in an artificial electromagnetic using ancient advanced technology from a possibly Evil Empire ij this sector of the galaxy, Annunaki or Draco or other, coming from maybe Orion or Sirius star systems.
    (Interesting how the major Hollywood studio that shows the star system at the beginning of its films is Orion. Hollywood is run by Talmud Black Magicians it seems)

    There appears to be a soul recycling quarantine in effect. My intel to tis point seems to be indicating. The ‘cabal’ which aren’t just elites in our plane of existence, but in the other dimensions too, afterlife dimensions,
    Theres a soul recycling quarantine going on. But it seems the dead Souls/spirit have to be ”tempted” since Free Will Universal Law cannot be violated , and ”persuaded” to reincarnate back into the soul recycling system matrix where we are given amnesia mind wiped (except Shatara)

    Star Trek Voyager episode with the female captain taken from a Wes penre YouTube illustrates this well. How when she was having a NDE. She was confronted with her ”father”. However the astute captain was asking questions and realised it wasn’t her father and instead was a Luciferian angel imposter.

    It seems we MUST NOT walk through the tunnel of light after death as this is what the cabal Time Overlords who have quarantined this earth realm want.

    This is why the ”Tunnel of Light” was discussed on Oprah (OWN/NWO) with Dr Eben Alexander and much was made to the millions of viewers to ”walk into the light”.

    The upshot of all this is. Just because other realms such as the afterlife ”Astral realm” which appears to be a pleasant waiting room area where your mind can take you to places and manifest interesting stuff instantly. Just because its metaphusical and amazing , doesn’t mean its not artificial, part of the Matrix Quarantine these soul recycling enslavers have set up.

    I think Saturn and the Moon are major parts of maintaining this Multidimnensional Veil Quarantine

    This raises the question. Does this mean our ”Guides” and beings in the afterlife who help us decide who and where to reincarnate, what life situation and family etc We are told this is for soul development learning lessons.
    But how can this be for our benefit. When it seems evil Time Overlords have been running this quarantine, soul recycling us, Strawmanning us with Birth certificates and taxing and screwing us with the legal system,

    Something doesn’t add up,

    But this quarantine is being naturally dismantled now anyway so no one despair.


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