One comment on “Pastors suing Coca-Cola claim black community loses ‘more people to sweets than streets’

  1. You mean… you mean, I worked for 42.5 years for that corporation, and all along they were fattening people for the slaughter? Oh, my! (as Edith Bunker would say). Hey, fat people, ever heard of self-discipline? As a friend of mine used to say, just because all your friends are sticking their heads in a bucket of shit, does that automatically mean you have to? But it’s so much easier to pass the buck and blame, blame, blame. A thousand years ago we wrote a song for one of our school plays that went something like this: “Don’t blame us, blame our parents. Blame all the love we never had…” In 40 some years, I’ve had quite a few conversations with Coke vending machine customers, and heard a repetitive litany of complaints. What I never heard was, “I blame myself for getting fat (or sick or addicted) on these sugary products. It’s my own fault.” Not once. To the complainants I would always say, “Who was twisting your arm to put your money in this machine and forcing you to drink this product?” None ever liked hearing that sort of response. Many said to me, “How can you work for those bastards?” “Easy, I’d say, I don’t put my money in their machines and I don’t drink their crap. I fix the bastards’ machines and they put a pay check in the bank. (Now a pension check!) You gotta live a life but you don’t gotta be stupid about it. Now, I think these two-faced “reverends” are hoping for some heavy mullah settlement so they can retire on easy street. Call me cynical (and you’d be right, of course!)

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