8 comments on “NASA: Over 32 Advanced Civilizations Have Collapsed Before Us, and We’re Next in Line

  1. I like this article, but… what’s plan B? I’m 70, which is a really nice age to be in if it got you where you were sort of aiming for, and it did. So, what’s my plan B then? Seems to me my options are rather narrow, so here it is: I die. Is that simple enough?

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  2. There are good plans B; circumstances are needed to take place that will demand them.
    Louis XVI, spouse, and many others lost their heads as the prophecy of Louis XV, “After me, the flood,” was fulfilled. The flood was caused by Louis XIV, a small man with a gigantic ego who either did not receive or follow good advice. When young, he saw rebellion, and the King’s palace was moved from the Louvre (today the museum), to a constructed Versailles outside Paris. While waging war everywhere possible. Was this and other disasters based on economics or the great increase in desire for corrupting power? Some people pretending to be motivated by a desire for peace will blame economics and then present another form of finance as the solution. The problem will then take a somewhat different form as the “saviors” will be corrupt or corruptible managers of the new society. Let Adam Smith’s free market economy rule in the United States. Globalists of today are fighting for Communism, Nazism, or Fascism, that is, whatever it would take to rule a world population that is unaware of the source of their misery. That would be a mastered human domain.

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