4 comments on “Film and Review: More Babies Die in Cleveland than in North Korea, Sri Lanka, Albania and Guatemala

  1. Same thing happened in Rome a coupla thousand years ago, give or take, but hardly anybody remembers that when you spend all your money on wars, you have to eat shit, live in shit and get shit service at home. It’s called something… let’s see: give and take? Karma? The Law of Distraction? Of ignorance and stupidity? Cause and effect? Entropy? Yes, I like that last word, says it all.

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    • Chemtrails, GMO frankenfoods, chlorinated/ fluoridated water, vaccinations, smart meters, cell tower radiation and HAARPing the entire population on a daily basis doesn’t help. All part of agenda 21 pop control, flu shots are effectively sterilizing the African American due to poorer nutrition in the inner cities. Arm ourselves with knowledge and spreading the word is our best defense against the psychopathic elites.

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