4 comments on “Drinking Coffee Could Lead To A Longer Life

    • Its always right to be suspicious of studies. I do think theres some genuinely beneficial things about coffee though. Although perhaps not drinking too much as it would overactivate the sympathetic nervous sytem which isn’t good, as we need the parasympathetic rejuvenative arm of our nervous system activated, for healing and detoxification in todays world
      It does seem to protect against alcoholic liver damage quite substantially, the caffeine and minerals and I’m sure coffee chemicals all work well, and it has a special form of selenium in. And drinking dark roast coffee can boost Glutathione and vitamin E levels in the blood according to Dr Mercola and others.

      Ive read that coffee has a frequency/vibration cleansing effect and cleansing from unwelcome entity attachments. Fresh black coffee (if washed out thoroughly afterwards to avoid nstaining), can make an excellent gum and tooth cleanser helping destroy strep mutans and other bad ones.

      But apparently the most interesting and powerful use of coffee, to help us so much in the 21st century, is the coffee enema. Acting as a powerful liver detoxifier, boosting glutathione enzyme production on the liver and intestine walls by 600 % or more.

      Also CEs make an excellent pain reliever, and they are used to assist the body in eliminating dead tumour tissue. Helping the liver. This is what murdered Dr Nicholas Gonzalez used on his NYC patients, after the pancreatic enzyme therapy would break down the cancer.

      Also , morphine as a painkiller in the cancer patient or other patient, should be avoided. It suppresses the immune system, and theres a direct link with rapid decline and death when a cancer patients using morphine. Coffee enemas have none of these drawbacks but plenty of advantages http://interdimensionalwarrior.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/graviola-broad-spectrum-targeted-plant.html

      I enjoy drinking coffee

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  1. … and I meant to add, “And I also knew (waiting for that next peer reviewed scientific study) that second hand smoke enhances your sex life and virility.” (Wait for it, someone’s writing this one as we speak…)

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