3 comments on “U.S. widow, blinded soldier lose bid for urgent freeze of Omar Khadr’s cash

  1. Greedy, opportunistic, bigoted slime! They sign up freely to go fight a corporate war for their favourite Oil conglomerate against people who would normally live peaceful lives in their own country, people who couldn’t give a crap whether there’s an “America” or not, then the little pretend toy soldiers get hurt and now want compensation from people they forced to fight against them, in a country they invaded illegally and immorally to loot it – Hoowhee, the gall of these parasites. Want compensation? Get it from your bosses, from those you work for and who own you, assholes. These are the “Americans” who truly give the entire “clique” a black eye world-wide. If the rest of “Americans” had half a brain and gumption, they’d kick these whiners down to Florida, then put the Trump wall around that clump of coconuts… then move Israel there with them, as you so often point out, Lou. What a bunch of slimes, all of them. Whatever the cost, I want to see that parasitic system crumble. I want to “see” US military bases taken over by the locals, and US military enforcers arrested and put in camps where they properly belong. Time it’s turned around. Enough is enough eh?

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