5 comments on “Meanwhile In Venezuela, The Real Mad Max Emerges (3 min)

  1. How many years before this scene is re-enacted on the “freeway” between Surrey and Chilliwack, huh? The global madness, driven by elitist mega greed is spreading and there is nothing anyone can do to prevent it now. Good time to read, or re-read “Foundation” by Isaac Asimov…

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    • Greed may be a relative thing…as above, so below. Divisions are in place, and they can be reduced to the haves and have-nots. What matter if the haves (who insist they’re no longer haves) are slated to eventually become the have-nots, too? It won’t be happening through any kind of mutuality or sharing with the already-have-nots. (So, you know, we’re all doomed).


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