2 comments on “Man loses pulse for 45 minutes, wakes up with incredible vision of afterlife (5 min)

  1. If he wants to be around longer, he could start by losing weight, or he’ll be in that after life sooner than he anticipates. What’s wrong with these people? When do they begin to make 2+2 add to 4? My own “near death” experience brought me face to face with some really serious people, strangers (thank goodness for that!) who gave me advice about my future, and taking full responsibility for every aspect of my own life: spiritual, mental and physical. That was 40 years ago minus 2 years. Since then no doctor, no drugs and a strictly vegetarian diet makes me healthier at 70 than I was at 20, with about the same weight. I lost 15 pounds when I switched from meat to vegetarian: certainly a bonus. Seems to me this guy got a bum deal, or what he deserved, and I think that’s what happens to all of us when we die: we get what we deserve. Sure, there is life after death, but what KIND of life, huh? That’s the kicker. For some, that after life will not be any improvement, and perhaps it will be even more of a hell – because most people don’t give the thought the time of day. Sure, you can go to the airport and hang around the terminal. But without a ticket and destination not much chance of getting a ride to some exotic and wonderful place. You may get to look at the posters, or the screens… until some “caring” official sees you’re one of those going nowhere and you need “looking after” and somebody else owns you now, to do with as they please. Karma’s a bitch, ain’t it. My take on this.

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    • Love to you sista T, and thank you for all your sacred wisdom and gifts!

      I do have some concerns about ‘food’: Getting distance from the welfare diet finally by the ‘People’s Market’ at country U some 40 years ago, I was blessed to discover the joy of real and local foods, and of preparing and sharing, and forming my connections and gratitude around the consciousness of Earth’s bounty. This at a time my U ed took a dreadful turn (back) to the likes of Skinner…We ate to satisfaction, and lost all temptation to binge on excess and need for weight and fat obsessions. We became naturally lean. (Alas, the tobacco helped). Even the sweet tooth subsided.

      Now such sacred simplicity is all but out of reach. And that includes non-floridated water. I can only dream of learning the skills and having the resources to control our own food. My greatest yearning is delighting my soldier, fed on lies and plastic for decades now, with ‘food’ again…future longings center on providing a simple return to food and like-minded friends, and collaborating our diversities and restoration to genuine sanity and health for ours and the greater good. Just this! Oye.

      Back in the 70s we pitied the rare obese person, all of 200-250 pds. Now it seems we’re surrounded with bloated sick bodies (and minds), more in the range of 300-500 pds. But it seems to me, unlike the earlier version, they may in fact not be obsessed with unhealthy consumption, for the most part, but victims of cheap and poisonous and addictive ‘fake’ food. I don’t know that this is true on your planet, but here on Earth, it’s an epidemic. IMHO I think the future of humanity depends on reversing this.

      So all power to Green people. May they pave the way forward. Blessings.

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