3 comments on “A Classic Now: GIANT UFO near the SUN Harvesting Energy From the Sun,  March 2012 – (3 min)

  1. Now that’s amazing. Their long probe seems to attract energy to itself from the sun as the sun seems to tentatively send out a tendril to the middle part of the probe, then later there seems to be an exchange of energy, some going into the UFO and some flowing away from it. Makes me wonder what could withstand such thermal pressure, gravity and radioactivity without getting sucked into the sun. But indeed, there seems to be signs of mutual recognition and understanding between the sun and the UFO. Now, if one went back to Sitchin’s “12th planet” and read about the Sumerian “myth” of beginnings of this solar system, some of this would trigger a whole new interpretation. As long as Earthians continue to go “nyah, nyah, nyah!” and block their minds to at least the possibility of other, and as far advanced from us lifeforms as we are from gnats, these images will remain locked into species programmed denial and just more sources of controversy. IMO.

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      • It used to seem that way for me until I came to realize a few “truths” about space, time, and perception. We are programmed to think of ourselves as puny, and what that does is drive the ego to prove otherwise with resultant chaos and planetary destruction. What we are seeing here is a glimpse into our “foreseeable” future, even if it’s 100,000 years hence. These are the Elders and they are demonstrating what is possible, what we can do… if we smarten up and put our minds to it. Apart from “the Teachers” I’ve also had some fascinating dreams, and visions brought on by interaction with the Pleiadians – one can learn much from these more advanced races, and they don’t look down on us, they remember their own struggles when in similar stages of evolution. OK, so we’re in for a very serious mash-up because we let ego and emotions lead us, but once we’ve been severely beaten back, we’ll rally and be on our way. Without drastic change or nefarious or fortuitous intervention, we’ll plummet and reach bottom in about 500 years, then there is going to be a difficult but exponential turn around. We’ll rid ourselves of the need for armed conflict, misogyny, racism and all attached evils. We’ll reach human maturity and acceptance within the greater Galactic races in about 1000 years hence. Something to look forward to at least. By the way, we won’t be allowed to destroy ourselves, or our world but we’ll get a nasty purge. As I say, barring intervention, and nothing is ever written in stone. We could do it now… if we chose to. But unfortunately the darkness has to be expunged.

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