3 comments on “Comply or Die: the Police State’s Answer to Free Speech Is Brute Force

  1. The police, quote: ” And they peacefully, silently, respectfully occupied the plaza, using exactly the same non-violent resistance techniques that the protesters themselves had been trained in.”

    OK, this is a feel-good part, but notice nothing is really different: it’s still them versus us. And the endless stories of Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and etc, before we get all googly eyed about that, let’s consider the overall results today: the complete picture. Independence for India, from one tyranny to another, and a permanent war with Pakistan; Christianity (need one say more?) and civil rights in the good ol’ USA today? Yeah, right. The treadmill, it turns and the sheeple remain at the bottom, running and running, sweating, shooting, bleeding, shooting each other and dying, while the 1% consolidate resources and power in the top, partying and laughing at the carnage they’ve unleashed, and how easy it all is to do.

    But it’s not hopeless. The answer is to turn against the forces of control through simple self-empowerment. Not easy, but definitely simple. First and foremost: end the bullshit. Stop voting, and stop “f’n” talking and bleating about Tweeters in Chief and others – ignore them completely. Then turn to your neighhbour and say something like this, “How’s things today, George (or Sarah)? Anything I could do to help? And MEAN IT. Grow some edibles around the place. Don’t drive if you can walk it.
    Stop buying lotto tickets and participating in other loser games. Boycott TV, particularly “the news” or all MSN and all organized sports. Don’t go to A&W for that free root beer. In short, get a life, your own life. Don’t play their games. That’s the most crucial message: DON’T PLAY THEIR GAME. If they play their game of chess alone, they’ll get tired of spinning that board around and playing with themselves. Then they’ll die of atrophy.

    Then the next and final crucial message: DON’T REPLACE THEM.

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