2 comments on “Chinese Billionaire Warns America: China Has 25,000 Spies Who Are “Ready To Destroy The U.S.”

  1. This is interesting because we know that the world leaders are all working together on their New World Order agenda. Does this mean that Xi Jinping is only pretending to be on board with the agenda? Perhaps the Chinese really just aren’t on board with any world wars. Or perhaps they know that the globalists will not keep their agreements when all is said and done.

    The Chinese should know their arrangements are with psychopaths and criminals who pretend to be elected officials of the U.S. government and “captains” of private industry. These people have taken power illegitimately and have made fraudulent arrangements with governments and corporations around the world. The citizens here are not interested in new management being imposed upon us from the outside anymore than we’re interested in being manipulated by “our government.” We don’t want corrupt government and we don’t want a Chinese form of government. We will decide our own fate. So if they want to help bring down the psychopaths and criminals, that’s one thing. But they shouldn’t entertain notions of running things here afterwards. No more empires!


  2. Agree with you but if we know anything from Empires is that they will rise. China will probably become the next empire, Woe to us all. Look at how they deal with Tibet.


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