2 comments on “If They Don’t Notice The First 100 Million Bullets Fired At Them…

  1. The “rich” on the top end of the hierarchy and Wall Street are never going to care about the rest of us. They are purely selfish or else they would have already quit doing what they’ve been doing.

    All of this is not the fault of “liberals” per se, and personally I’m sick of hearing about it. I expect the author is referring to the political fake liberals who are actually just one branch of the psychopathic, self-appointed, wanna-be rulers of the universe. If so, I wish the author would state that.

    I feel the solutions to our problems are not going to be based on the “uber rich” and what they do, but on our own state of consciousness and how we decide to manage our own lives, individually. There absolutely will be life after the current financial system/economic collapse. We may not all make it through unscathed, but some/many will. I don’t want to get stuck in gloom and doom. This is a necessary process and will allow a lot more people to feel some of the pain that this financial system has caused to others. It must be abandoned. I expect the harder one tries to hold on to it, the more painful it will be.

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  2. Thank you. The writer comes from the Christian eschatological school and therefore wears those goggles, but I still respect and listen to what he says because in some parts he is dead on. Also, keep in mind that in the Barbaric States of Dumbmerica a liberal is those not in the Democratic party. Their “liberals” is a sham. The USA are so dumb they call their universities ‘colleges’.

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