5 comments on “Jon Rappoport: The World is not You

  1. Totally agree up to a point, the fully realized individual plays an inherent role in an interconnected, interdependent society. No man is an island unto himself, and therefore must balance the considerations of others which makes up society. There is a role for the individual to contribute to society, and for society to support, nurture the individual… there must be a symbiotic balance or the whole structure will collapse and descend into chaos.

    What Jon is saying: that any society can be corrupted by a minority of cancerous “elite” individuals who would like to control, imbalance and possible destroy the harmonious balance of society by exploiting, stealing wealth via central banking, installing incompetent corrupt leadership, enforcing a police state, using military war machine to destabilize etc. Those are signs of a civilization in decline, and it starts with an ideology of control, it used to be religion, television/ media propaganda, and now neo-liberal politics infiltrating our education system brainwashing the masses to do their bidding.

    If Ayn Rand’s intelligent, creative, sovereign individual matures into an enlightened, compassionate, loving wise man, that is our destiny for the 21st century and beyond. The solution is the individual awakening to his/her own power, and creating goals to correct this inherent polarized imbalance, first within ourselves, only then can we collectively transform society for the better.

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    • I don’t mind if the structure collapses. It’s illegitimate and unhealthy.

      I think what Jon’s saying is that individuals are what matter — not the society. Individuals must be first, always. Society should exist for the benefit of individuals. Keeping that understanding in the forefront is the only way to keep elites or anyone else from taking control in the first place by creating groups and then preferred groups which eventually gain power over less preferred groups. It’s part of the divide and conquer strategy, which we seem to tolerate as long as our preferred group benefits in some way. This is a tool of the elites that must stop if we wish to be able to live decently without tyranny. Each and every individual must be valued. Fitness and function differ, but value does not.

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      • I’m not disagreeing with you, after all what is society but a collective of individuals. As the adage goes, we are only as strong as our weakest link. If the link is damaged beyond repair, then it will be necessary to replace it in order to preserve the whole.
        Regrettably fear, greed, and resulting tyranny is part of human nature, the desire to control everything outside of ourselves without examining our true nature.
        Therefore it is necessary to be diligent, awake and wise.

        While I agree that the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants, we must temper that idealism with reality. Pushing for a system wide collapse without a contingency plan doesn’t serve anyone, we have to be smart about it.

        The elite controllers sense their time is up, so they are scheming everything to divide and conquer, create a problem (false flags) and offer solution. We have to be aware not to fall into their traps.

        The ultimate solution will unfold before us, abide by the timeline. Trump, Putin and many positive forces are working behind the scenes for the reset. At the right time, we’ll all do our part with clarity and resoluteness. Just stay the course.

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  2. It warms my heart and strengthens my resolve to know that there are many of us out there. You know, the ones questioning the matrix. I take umbrage at the spilling of any blood tho because historically the 97%, us, become cannon fodder. I like the non violent way. What if all of us say no? No to war, no to inequality, no to injustice, and way more no’s. I am afraid the only cure is education. The masses are, and have always, been brainwashed by the symbolism of the day. And this takes forever. I understand how the younger ones feel. They are full of piss and vinegar and want results. Unfortunately the cost is too high. Unless you destroy the matrix totally and absolutely. This is the stuff of science fiction now.

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