4 comments on “Israel Steals Solar Panels Donated To Palestinians, Netherlands Protests

  1. Most Palestinians are without electricity for at least 20 hours a day. This means hospitals can barely function….any food in the fridge spoils. Israel also been repeatedly bombing Palestine’s only power plant to destruction….ONLY electricity they get has to come via Israel. Hence the need for these solar panels presumably…..

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      • done to them? i guess u referring to ‘holocaust’…..at school i was taught it was 5 million, decade later they keep quoting 6 million….but where did the extra million come from without any evidence? is what i wonder…..then wonder some more…and do wonder if they have been adding million per decade what was the true number….? u r not allowed to think let alone talk like this though, never did get to hear what that david irvine said about it all…..

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