One comment on “How Do People Really Behave When Disaster Strikes?

  1. Quote: “People are happy to work together, knowing that everything will return to normal in short order.
    But on the rare occasion that a disaster disrupts the flow of goods and energy for months or years at a time, a significant percentage of the population will turn on their neighbors to survive.

    Short term, yes, people tend to help one-another. Long term, that’s another question. If people’s minds were geared to long-term dependence on one-another, seems to me we wouldn’t have to lock our doors, install security systems, or be at the elem. school doors to pick up the kids, pack a gun (in the US) and keep ourselves safe from the potentially not-so-nice neighbour. It also depends on one’s state of mind, or the level/type of propaganda before the disaster strikes. If there’s need of a scapegoat to explain the disaster, all bets are off. Remember that well educated and civlized Nazi Germany.

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