2 comments on “Newly discovered ‘Jade tablets’ depict interaction of advanced alien life with ancient Maya

  1. Now to get past the Earthian genetic denial factor… This I’ve learned about Earthian numbnuts: they can believe the most outrageous stuff about invisible, imaginary deities, in fact over 90% of them do, but when it comes to the most obvious evidence of alien presence on this world and their interaction with Earthians they enter into a quasi morbid denial. “We must, we must, we must, Deny, deny, deny, Aliens, aliens aliens. We must believe that God is real, Satan is real, demons and angels are real but aliens are inventions, imaginations, science fiction, fake news. There is nothing to see here. Neanderthals built the pyramids with wooden rollers to make tombs for their rulers… there is nothing to see here. The earth is 5000 years old and has four corners. You won’t confuse me with facts or evidence: niya, niya, niya… I can’t hear you…!”

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