3 comments on “An Anthropologist’s Theory on Shamanism and the Origins of Knowledge Completely Rewrites Our Understanding of DNA

  1. Good article, Lou. Self-explanatory. As a visionary myself, I can readily accept, perhaps even claim to understand at some elementary level, the connection between the “spirit world” (entirely real and accessible to me) and our material reality. Accepting the existence of a spirit world intertwined with our material reality allows us to look, not only into the past, but also into the future. Thus, nothing ever actually ends and “death” as we experience is, is just a drastic change that propels us out of a material reality in which we became stuck, or bound, back into the infinite cosmos. We do this over and over, but in some totalitarian-controlled worlds such as this universe, we are forced to relinquish our memories when reincarnating. Fortunately we can choose to “take the red pill” and re-discover ourselves and the truth of the pseudo-life we must endure while our bodies, born to die, proceed towards their inevitable demise. If we awaken in time, we can shed these bodies without too much trauma, heave a sigh of relief or have a good laugh, and proceed to our next stage of evolution, development, whatever. As eternal (and eternally changing) mind beings, once “out of here” we are faced with real choices again. If, while here, we choose self-empowerment in our daily activities, it is much easier to make those “real” choices before reincarnating again. Of course when I speak of reincarnation, I do so from experience, having regained some of my past lives memories. Earth is but a micro of the macro. “Time not important, only life important” (quote from the movie, “The Fifth Element.”

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