3 comments on “Stop Legitimizing ‘Conservatism’: It’s Not an Ideology – It’s a Goddamn Death Machine

  1. In a perfect karmic world these cave dwelling conservatives should be reborn as slave labor working all their next lives for minimum wage. I want to see these big mouths do a 16 hour shift on minimum wage in order to feed their families.


  2. Free market Adam Smith capitalism is the way. Want tyranny, go Marxism, mercantilism, … Marxism will bring dictatorship of those very few at the top of Marxist government, it will never be a dictatorship of, for, and by the proletariat. The proletariat will be ruled through the control of food as it was in the Soviet Union. If it is ever possible, it could come to the United States. Nothing like a population thinking it is doing well while being starved by its rulers. North Korea.


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