4 comments on “No Longer a Conspiracy Theory: Elite Openly Paying to Ingest the Blood of the Young

  1. Unfortunately for all of us, these practices may also cause and perpetuate insanity (or one may have to be somewhat insane to do it in the first place). Of course, the “elites” would like for this practice to become more widespread so that they can have easier access to the blood they desire and pull some more people over to the dark side too. Maybe one day soon, they’ll call it a religion for the purpose of exercising their right to “freedom of religion” as well as the added benefit of more tax shelters / money laundering.

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  2. Jeez what a bunch of vamps, too much money not enough brains. It is a scientific fact that all one has to do to achieve the same effect is to be altruistic and DONATE blood!
    Donating blood forces your body to generate new blood cells that naturally replace the old donated blood, this has the same effect of youthful rejuvenation, health benefits, plus you are saving a life!
    Donating once or twice a year literally adds years to your life b/c you literally are getting younger on a cellular level! Also who can trust transfusions these days?

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    • To 1EarthUnited: So, this would make one think that bloodletting was maybe not such a barbaric and unenlightened “treatment,” except that it was most likely very overused. I had not heard that donating blood causes rejuvenation. But since the world is becoming more and more polluted, is it possible that the new blood is not as healthy or clean as the blood being removed? Just curious.

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