6 comments on “Jeremy Corbyn: ‘Time to call Saudi after London terror’

  1. Is it possible to trust any politician who seems to be clueless about who’s responsible for so-called “terror attacks” in their country?

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      • I think the governments are colluding and conspiring with others to create/stage fake (for the most part) events in order to further certain agendas. You could call them a lot of things — fascists, the secret cabal, the New World Order, the Deep State (which goes far beyond any particular state or nation), or a number of other labels. I’m very impatient with politicians who go along with the official narratives about of “Islamic extremists” conspiring on their own or as “lone wolf” terrorists to create the shenanigans that only government could orchestrate and only corporations and the very rich could or would finance while pretending to be different than the other party. I think any differences are very superficial. There’s very little difference between these goings on in the U.S., in Britain, in France, or in any other NATO country.

        Did you happen to see the latest Ole Dammegard interview with Alfred Webber? He discovered an organization called Crisis Solutions that orchestrates and manages crisis simulations. The website is crisis-solutions.com. Very interesting.

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